Weatherization Atlanta

Once you’ve made the decision to reduce your home energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency, call the Insulation Department at Estes Services. We’ve been helping our customers lower their utility bills and raise their comfort levels since 1949.

The majority of homes were built when energy was relatively inexpensive and most are full of leaks. According to the US Department of Energy, drafts alone can waste five to thirty percent of your energy use. You may be suffering thermal loss from your chimney, attic, windows, doors and even light fixtures. With today’s rising utility costs and a growing concern for our environment, a top to bottom inspection is a wise investment and will pay you back in less than three years.

Building Performance Evaluations & Improvements

The Estes Services Insulation Staff is fully certified and trained to recognize those areas of your home requiring modification to achieve maximum efficiency from your HVAC systems. We specialize in attic insulation, crawl space vapor/moisture barrier, wall insulation, thermal envelope sealing, ThermaCote Radiant Barrier, Thermal Imaging, air seal ducts, solar water heaters, water pipe insulation, attic fans and exhaust fans. If it affects your home comfort level, we’ve repaired, replaced or serviced it.

After a thorough evaluation, our insulation team will identify the causes of your indoor environment issues and discuss ways to fix them. It is relatively inexpensive to seal up a house and properly insulate. But left unattended, your hard-earned money will disappear right out of the window.

Insulation & Much More!

If you live anywhere in the Atlanta area, give us a call. Our Insulation Specialists will prepare your home to withstand temperature changes and extreme weather conditions, particularly sunlight, precipitation and wind. The faster you act, the faster you’ll start saving energy and money.