The Estes Services Team


Our Estes Services Team


Estes Services has been fortunate enough to have three generations of Estes blood leading the business.  In 1949, N.B. Estes first started the company before turning it over to Tommy Estes. Tommy, along with the third generation of the Estes family, Brian Estes, and General Manager John Waldorf, work together as a management team.



  • Tommy Estes | Estes ServicesTommy Estes | Estes Services

    Tommy Estes

  • Brian Estes | Estes ServicesBrian Estes | Estes Services

    Brian Estes

  • John Waldorf | Estes ServicesJohn Waldorf | Estes Services

    John Waldorf

    Vice President / General Manager
  • Steve Lackley | Estes ServicesSteve Lackley | Estes Services

    Steve Lackley

    Commercial Team Leader
  • Joel Heller | Estes ServicesJoel Heller | Estes Services

    Joel Heller

    Residential Team Leader
  • Jeff Allison | Estes ServicesJeff Allison | Estes Services

    Jeff Allison

    IT Manager
  • Greg Burns | Estes ServicesGreg Burns | Estes Services

    Greg Burns

    HR Manager
  • Glyn Strickland | Estes ServicesGlyn Strickland | Estes Services

    Glyn Strickland

    Residential Service/Installation Manager
  • Bill Knox | Estes ServicesBill Knox | Estes Services

    Bill Knox

    Service Agreements, Plumbing, Electrical Manager
  • Brandon Bazemore | Estes ServicesBrandon Bazemore | Estes Services

    Brandon Bazemore

    Residential Sales Manager
  • John Jackson | Estes ServicesJohn Jackson | Estes Services

    John Jackson

    Commercial Service Manager
  • Bob Minter | Estes ServicesBob Minter | Estes Services

    Bob Minter

    Commercial Installation Manager
  • Andrew Harris | Estes ServicesAndrew Harris | Estes Services

    Andrew Harris

    Warehouse Manager
  • Cody Carden | Estes ServicesCody Carden | Estes Services

    Cody Carden

    Residential Installation Supervisor
  • Denise McCoy | Estes ServicesDenise McCoy | Estes Services

    Denise McCoy

    Accounts Receivable
  • Kathy Burdette | Estes ServicesKathy Burdette | Estes Services

    Kathy Burdette

    Commercial Office Manager
  • Karen Born | Estes ServicesKaren Born | Estes Services

    Karen Born

    HR Assistant
  • Tracy Abila | Estes ServicesTracy Abila | Estes Services

    Tracy Abila

    Contracts Administrator
  • Lisa Griffin | Estes ServicesLisa Griffin | Estes Services

    Lisa Griffin