Proudly Serving Atlanta, Georgia

Many residents in Atlanta, Georgia, need answers when it comes to the efficiency, installation and maintenance of their HVAC products. We have been offering services to Atlanta homeowners and business owners since 1949. We pride ourselves on maintaining a tradition of integrity and quality service to our customers. We want to provide you with reliable and affordable options and that starts with a free estimate from one of our skilled technicians. We specialize in: Residential Heating & Cooling, Commercial Heating & Cooling, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Indoor Air Quality, Media Air Cleaners, UltraViolet Air Cleaners, Thermostats, Plumbing, Electrical and Insulation.

Air Conditioning Repair and AC Services in Atlanta, Georgia

The heat and humidity can be extremely bothersome for Georgia residents but if you reside in Atlanta, rest assured that Estes Services are fully equipped and knowledgeable to keep your home and business cool and comfortable!  Our specialists have been trained and certified with the latest technology in the industry.  Our goal is to provide you with an air conditioning unit that fits the size of your home, as well as maintaining the functions of your current unit.

Furnace Repair and Heating Services in Atlanta, Georgia

As the seasons change from hot to cold, you don’t want to worry about whether or not your HVAC system is ready to handle this change.  Typically, the winters in Atlanta, Georgia are mild but there are those times when the temperature drops and we at Estes Services want to provide you with solutions to any of your heating needs.  Since 1949, we have been committed to repairing old furnaces, maintaining current heating systems and installing new systems that fit the size and needs of your home.

Plumbing Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Estes Services wants to ensure that you can find reliable help with your plumbing needs in Atlanta, Georgia.  We offer many services that you might not be equipped to handle on your own.  By utilizing a qualified and certified technician, you can save more money by fixing the problem the first time, instead of sink more and more money into temporary solutions.  We are able to help you with: repairing leaks, faulty sewer lines, installation of water filtration systems, cleaning your drains, servicing your water heater, replacing your plumbing fixtures and providing whole house plumbing inspections.