HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Contractors in Midtown, Georgia

The busy district of Midtown, Georgia, is home to many residents that lead a fast-paced life and don’t have time to waste with faulty HVAC systems and plumbing problems. Here, at Estes Services, we are ready to help Midtown residents with whatever problems come their way. Our reputation, built over three generations of experience, speaks volumes about our integrity with customer service and the quality services provided by our technicians.

Air Conditioning Repair and AC Services in Midtown, GA

When it comes to being comfortable in your own home, you shouldn’t be struggling to maintain a cool temperature during the hot and humid weather of Midtown, Georgia. Estes Services has partnered with Carrier to offer high quality air conditioners and heat pumps at an affordable price. We offer many options for new installation but the most popular are: Carrier Comfort Series, Carrier Performance Series and Carrier Infinity Series.

However, it’s not just the heat but also the humidity that residents in Midtown have to contend with. An efficient dehumidifier will help make your home feel comfortable with less moisture hanging in the air.

Furnace Repair and Heating Services in Midtown, GA

Here in Midtown, Georgia, Estes Services is considered the best in HVAC services and repairs.  Our technicians offer a thorough inspection of your current heating system, which will ensure your system is functioning properly to heat your home during the winter months.  If your HVAC system is already showing signs of trouble, then one of our technicians can examine the problem and offer solutions for repairing your system.  If your system is old or if you are in the market for a new system, then we have heating products from a trusted and reliable name, Carrier.  We have furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers and thermostats that are offered through Carrier, which is known for affordability and quality within the industry.

Plumbing Repair in Midtown, GA

For 68 years, we have provided not only HVAC services to Midtown, Georgia, but plumbing services, as well.  Our plumbing professionals have experienced many different issues throughout their years of service.  That is why we are confident we can assist you, regardless of the task at hand.  We perform all these services below: whole house plumbing inspections, drain cleaning, water filtration systems, plumbing fixtures, service of water heaters, inspection of sewer lines and repairing leaks.