What is Building Automation?

Building Automation is the process of controlling various mechanical systems in a Commercial Building via automatic controls. These systems typically include Heating and Air Conditioning, Lighting, Security Systems and Video Surveillance. Building Automation is synonymous with a Building Energy Management System as the name implies.

Building Automation

Why install a Building Energy Management System?

The largest consumer of energy in a Commercial Structure is the Heating and Air Conditioning. Lighting comes in close second to HVAC in energy consumption and knowing the “the lights are off” can play an important role is saving energy and maintaining a “Green Building”.

Energy Use Split

That’s where Building Automation comes in. Your standard HVAC system is controlled by a local thermostat with limited programming capabilities. On a building with multiple Heating and Air Systems, the challenge is maintaining the comfort your employees or tenants, controlling Energy Costs and keeping the costs of repair and maintenance down by monitoring the status of your HVAC equipment. With a Building Automation System, the building owner or occupant can have remote access and control all aspects of the structure as well as receive notifications when a problem occurs. This is a perfect fit for companies with multiple locations.

Why Estes Mechanical Services is right for you

Estes Commercial Services, proudly serving the Metro Atlanta area since 1949, installs and services Honeywell Building Automation Controls. Honeywell WebsAX is an open system platform that can be serviced by any Authorized Honeywell WebsAX dealer and won’t lock you into a specific company if your needs should change. Estes Services is ready to work with and advise the Building Owner on ways to control energy costs and maintain a Green Building giving them Peace of Mind. With Honeywell and Estes, you can be confident that your tenants/occupants will be more comfortable and you will be well on your way to reducing your carbon footprint.