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Building Automation Systems 101

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Are you looking to gain better management and visibility of your building systems with a building automation system (BAS)?

From automatically controlling and monitoring the lighting system to adjusting the mechanical systems of your commercial building, a BAS can help you efficiently manage your climate controls while also maximizing indoor comfort at your facility.

In this article, you will discover building automation systems 101, including what building automation is and why you should install one in your commercial building.

Overview of Building Automation Systems

Building automation systems control and monitor the energy use of such appliances as HVAC and lighting to enhance the overall comfort, climate, safety, and efficiency at your facility.

In fact, did you know that building automation systems can help to reduce energy consumption by about 29% for commercial buildings? You can manage various systems from one central location, including your HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and indoor air quality (IAQ).

There are many benefits to implementing a BAS in your commercial building, such as reducing your utility costs, increasing your equipment's longevity, and increasing energy efficiency.

Reduce Utility Costs

One of the primary reasons to install a building automation system in your commercial building is because you can reduce operating costs and, ultimately, improve energy management.

Utilizing a BAS to manage indoor climates and lighting according to occupancy, time of year, or other essential factors allows you to reduce energy loss with minimal effort and oversight.

By regulating the use of heating and cooling equipment and lighting systems, building automation systems keep areas of your commercial building comfortable and functional as needed to increase occupants' productivity while conserving energy when these areas are not in use.

In an ACEEE report, building automation systems can see average whole-building energy savings anywhere between 10% to 25%. Increased efficiency is an excellent benefit of a building automation system and can generate cost-effective savings in the long run.

Not only does a BAS help reduce costs as a result of energy savings but also allows building managers to have access to better equipment transparency and diagnose equipment concerns early on to increase equipment longevity.

Increase Equipment Longevity

With a BAS, you open the doors to a more dynamic building environment. An Estes Services building automation systems service and installation allow you to take on both communication and integration abilities for your equipment and appliances at your facility.

This means your equipment can be networked and connected in a central bus that distributes and shares information between connected systems to better respond to your unique building environments.

If your equipment and HVAC systems are currently operating in isolation, our team of BAS experts at Estes Services can integrate your current systems by linking the Direct Digital Control System networks through a shared platform to enhance the communication between your building's commercial equipment.

Additionally, with a BAS, your facility will be able to notify appropriate staff when there are performance issues or mechanical failures with your
commercial HVAC equipment.

This means you will be able to pinpoint and detect problems early on rather than later with more equipment and system transparency.

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