Residential Leak Repair

Residential Leak Detection & Water Leak Repair Services in Atlanta

For leak repairs in Atlanta, Georgia, and its surrounding areas, Estes Services' plumbing specialists can diagnose and repair any type of plumbing leak in a home. Leaks come in all shapes and sizes, affecting many areas and are difficult to diagnose without a certified professional plumbing inspection. Our plumbing technicians have been trained on every type of leak and have the knowledge and know-how to offer fast results at an affordable price!

Types of Leak Repairs

Plumbing Drain Leaks: These leaks only show up if the leaking drain has wastewater running through it. Whenever drain pipes are visible, there will be a stain on the ceiling or wall where the drain is, or a moldy odor is present, indicative of a leak.

Sink Basin Leaks: These leaks happen whenever sinks are installed incorrectly, have loose parts or corrosion, or are missing gaskets or sealants. The leak occurs at the drain assembly area of the sink

Visible Leak: Leaks from the tap directly while the water is on but stops once the tap is turned off indicate a clear leak issue.

Hidden Leak: Hidden leaks can happen inside the wall and are hard to notice until significant time has passed. Stains on the wall or ceiling near the fixture or a moldy smell indicate a hidden leak.

Pipe Burst: This type of leak results when the water supply pipe has burst or been separated at a solder joint. Once the water is turned on, the water leaks out quickly and profusely. The leaks from a water supply leak may be heard as a gushing sound. You can also see evidence of water flooding in a specific area.

Drip Leak: A small leak in the water supply pipe can happen when there is a loose threaded fitting; a pinhole from corrosion, nail, or something driven into the pipe; or from a worn valve stem packing. Due to the slow leaking process, it is extremely hard to diagnose a drip leak on your own.