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Tired of Seeing Dust?

Are you tired of seeing dust accumulate in a matter of days? Are individuals in the household constantly sick? Whole home media air cleaners in Atlanta, Georgia, are a very popular product. They capture up to 95% of pollen, mold particles, and germs that are found in homes. By purchasing and installing a new media air cleaner, you will notice your Atlanta area home has cleaner air, and your HVAC system will also run more efficiently.

Whole home media air cleaners will also reduce allergy symptoms and provide cleaner air, improving the health of your family over time. The indoor air quality inside your home will be dramatically improved overall.

Keep your family - as well as your heating and cooling system - healthy with a media air cleaner professionally installed by Estes Services!

Benefits of a Residential Media Air Cleaner

Media air cleaners and air purifiers are a great way to limit and almost completely eliminate bacteria and other airborne particles. Benefits of limiting the bacteria and airborne particles in your home include:

Reduce the Chance of Illness

When an illness enters your home, it could spread like wildfire through the rest of the people within your Atlanta area home. Air pollutants and airborne bacteria can cause a number of illnesses, including a cold, the flu, or bronchitis. A media air cleaner will guard your family against diseases and bacteria and keep you safe from airborne illnesses.

Relieve Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

If a loved one within your home struggles with asthma, you've likely seen it take its toll on them. However, have you ever noticed that it's sometimes worse indoors than outside? If so, consider the installation of a media air cleaner. Pet dander, pollen, dust, and other irritants can build up over time and create a nasty situation for those with asthma. A media air cleaner fights back against irritants like these and provides much cleaner air for your household to breathe.

Improve Sleep

Common airborne irritants, such as pet dander and dust mites, can make it more difficult to sleep. They can produce a dry or sore throat, a cough, and sneezing. This can create a distraction that makes it more difficult to fall asleep, or could even wake you up depending on the severity of your symptoms. Air purifiers from Estes kill irritants and eliminate them from your indoor air, ensuring that they won't reach their way into your lungs and wreak havoc.

Reduce Stress Levels

Polluted air can cause stress in anyone that breathes it in. Whether this is due to physical symptoms or the purity of the clean air itself, you'll feel better breathing in pure air than air that's been contaminated by airborne bacteria and other particles.

Maintaining Your Air Cleaner

After installing an air purification system in your home, you'll need to make sure that it's properly maintained. Ensure that the air filters are changed every three to six months so that you're always breathing pure and clean air. Inserting a clean air filter back in will keep your air purifier running at its peak. Additionally, the exterior of the air purifier should be cleaned as needed to prevent issues.

At the end of the day, whole home media air cleaners have the power to resolve a number of issues within your home. Whether other household members have been getting sick frequently - or you've been noticing that you've been getting less sleep than normal lately - a media air cleaner might be perfect for your home.

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When it's determined that an air purification system can positively impact your home, our experienced technicians will perform the installation and answer any questions that you might have about the service.

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