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Do you want to improve the indoor air quality in your home? Pollen levels rise and fluctuate throughout the year in the Atlanta Metro area, especially in the spring and summer, impacting air quality and wreaking havoc on allergies and comfort.

In fact, according to IQAir, the city of Atlanta has a "pattern of pollen count fluctuations that coincide with the changing seasons."As a result, this can increase the need for good indoor air quality, which can provide relief and hopefully allow you to enjoy clean air inside your home.

If you are unsure about the current state of your home's indoor air quality, want to improve upon it, or suspect that something is not right, schedule service with our indoor air quality experts and get an inspection of your air quality performed so you can gain peace of mind.

Our air quality products, including UV air purifiers, air cleaners, and humidifiers, can reduce many pollutants and contaminants in your home's air. It's easy to improve your indoor air quality with Estes Services!

As Atlanta's #1 HVAC company, customers choose us because:

  • Locally owned family business

  • Highly trained technicians

  • 75+ years of experience giving expert advice

Our Indoor Air Quality Products

As the best Atlanta HVAC contractor, we pride ourselves in offering top-quality air quality solutions for your home.

From our air purifiers to humidifiers, our licensed and trained HVAC technicians offer a range of great IAQ products to help eliminate pollutants, allergens, and odors, making it easy to help ensure a healthier living environment for you and your family.

"James (Paul) Taylor provided excellent customer service and the overall Estes experience has been super. I only wish I had found you years before. Thanks Dale for sending me to this super company. I highly recommend this company!"

Kathy Eaton

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Experience the Benefits of Improved Indoor Air Quality 

With our indoor air quality solutions at Estes Services, you can breathe easier this season—with cleaner air, better sleep, and fewer allergy symptoms!

Cleaner Air

If you've been finding it a challenge to get a nice, easy breath of air in your home, you're probably in need of improved indoor air quality. Air contaminated by allergens or bacteria can wreak havoc on the lungs of those within your household. If someone in your home is dealing with asthma or has any other breathing problem, the last thing they need is poor indoor air quality within their own home.

Better Sleep

When you can breathe freely and easily without any problems, you'll find that you can rest much more easily. Additionally, your chances of getting sick will decrease as potential airborne illnesses are removed from the air. You're more likely to get a great night of sleep when you're feeling well and healthy, rather than when you're feeling under the weather.

Less Allergy Symptoms

While we commonly think that allergens are only bad during the spring and fall months, allergies can last all year long when you have poor air quality in your home. This happens because allergens and bacteria are allowed to float freely through your home, affecting everyone as they breathe in the air. When you improve your home's air quality, you'll notice fewer allergy symptoms among your family members who commonly struggle with symptoms.

Breathe Easy with Estes Air Quality Inspection

Improve your comfort by addressing your air quality today. Estes Services makes it easy for you to better understand your home's current indoor environment with two simple steps:

  1. We can recommend specific products and provide you with all the necessary information to help you make the best choice for improving your home's air quality.
  2. Once you've made a decision on the product, we'll handle the complete installation process and ensure that it is running and functioning as it should.

It's that Easy; It's Estes!

 Schedule Indoor Air Quality Consultation Today

When you need better indoor air quality at home in the greater Atlanta area, choose Estes Services for the best indoor air quality services.

Since 1949, we have been the leading provider of comfort solutions, celebrating over 75 years of success.

You can rest assured that our air quality experts will provide you with top-quality service to ensure your comfort and health. Schedule service with us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your air quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is indoor air quality testing worth it? 

If you are a homeowner in Atlanta, GA, yes—indoor air quality testing can be worth it. The city's climate, with its high humidity and pollen levels, can contribute to indoor air quality issues such as mold growth and allergen buildup.

Testing can help identify potential pollutants such as the following:

  • Mold spores

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

  • Particular Matter

Once testing is completed, you can understand which measures to take in order to improve air quality. Given the potential negative impacts to your health and comfort with poor indoor air quality, having an indoor air quality test conducted by Estes Services can provide peace of mind and contribute to a healthier living environment in 2024.

Is there a way to test indoor air quality?

Yes, there are several ways to test your indoor air quality. One method is to use indoor air quality monitoring devices, which can measure levels of various pollutants such as particulate matter, VOCs, carbon monoxide, and humidity.

Another method, and the most effective method, is to hire a professional HVAC technician who can use specialized equipment to analyze your air samples for pollutants and provide comprehensive reporting.

Additionally, you can ensure that regular maintenance of HVAC systems and proper ventilation can help improve indoor air quality over time.

How do you fix indoor air quality?

You can improve indoor air quality in Atlanta through several measures. First, regular HVAC system maintenance is a great way to start and help reduce indoor air pollutants.

Additionally, minimizing sources of indoor pollution such as smoking, using natural cleaning products, and reducing humidity levels can contribute to better air quality. Investing in air purifiers and regularly testing indoor air quality can help identify and address specific issues, ensuring a healthier living environment.

What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality? 

Here are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality:

  • Respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath

  • Increased severity of symptoms for individuals with asthma or allergies

  • Frequent headaches, fatigue, and dizziness

  • Skin irritation, eye irritation, and congestion

  • Exposure to indoor pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or carbon monoxide

  • Persistent odors, mustiness, or visible signs of mold growth

It's important to be aware of these symptoms and consider testing indoor air quality to identify and address potential sources of pollution.

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Directions from Atlanta Airport to Estes Services Estes Services is located at 3981 Tradeport Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354. As you leave from departures at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL), first head east on Maynard H. Jackson Jr. Blvd. This road becomes Charles W Grant Pkwy once you go over the bridge (Loop Rd Bridge). Once you pass over the bridge, take the first left at the intersection onto International Pkwy to Atlanta. Once on I-75, stay on the right and follow signs for Porsche Avenue. Take the exit toward Porsche Avenue from International Pkwy. Keep right at the fork and merge onto Old Dixie Hwy. On the very first right-hand turn, turn right onto Tradeport Blvd. There's a sign at the entrance labeled "Atlanta Tradeport." Right before the road ends at a cul-de-sac, our office is on the right. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at (404) 362-6960.


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