Kennesaw, GA, Air Conditioning Repair

Residents local to Kennesaw, GA, know how long and hot our summers can be. Without proper air conditioning, getting through the summer can be a struggle. Don't make it harder on yourself and your family. When your air conditioning system isn't working properly, get in contact with the professional HVAC repair team at Estes Services. We'll work to perform the necessary repairs in a timely and efficient manner to bring comfort back to your home as soon as possible.

Signs That You Need AC Repair

Rising AC Bills

Air conditioning bills on the rise are a classic sign that your AC system isn't working as efficiently as it once was. As your system gets less effective, it has to stay on longer in order to reach the temperature that you've set. The longer that your air conditioner has to stay on, the higher your energy bills will end up rising. Repairing the system will eliminate the issues that are causing the unit to be less effective than it once was.

Strange Noises

Aside from the sound of a new cycle starting up, you shouldn't hear many noises coming from your air conditioner. Banging and rattling noises can both signal a number of different issues within your system, so it's important to have a professional come out to perform an inspection and get to the bottom of what the problem is. The quicker the issue is discovered, the easier it will likely be to fix.

Bad Odors

Similar to the noises you might hear coming from your air conditioner, each different smell could have a variety of issues. A musty smell could indicate that moisture and mold are present within your system, while a skunky smell could be caused by a gas leak. No matter the smell, get in contact with a professional to determine the best course of action going forward.

Warm Airflow

If your air conditioner is only producing warm air, it's obviously not doing its job. Whether this is being caused by a refrigerant leak or a faulty thermostat, it's important to have the issue resolved quickly to restore comfort to your home or business.

Trusted AC Repairs in Kennesaw, GA

Estes Services has provided homes and businesses in Kennesaw, Georgia, and beyond with reliable HVAC services since 1949. Our technicians are backed with the vital experience, knowledge, and skills needed to tackle any heating and cooling issue that comes your way.

As the technology within the industry continues to grow and evolve, so do we. We recognize the importance of applying the newest technology in our industry, so when you contact Estes for AC repair services, you know you're receiving the best.

AC Services from Estes

The professional technicians at Estes can help beyond offering repair services. If any issues are found in your HVAC system that are beyond repairs, our knowledgeable professionals can replace your system with a new HVAC model to restore comfort to your home.

However, we don't stop there. Your AC system should have maintenance performed at least once a year to prolong its lifespan. The team at Estes Services offers reliable maintenance services to help your HVAC systems work effectively for as long as possible.

Contact Estes Services for Quality AC Repairs

When your AC system breaks down on you at the worst possible time, you don't have to suffer through the hot Kennesaw, Georgia, summer months. We know that being without air conditioning in the warmer months can not only be uncomfortable, but also dangerous.

Instead of suffering through the heat, contact Estes Services, or give us a call to schedule an appointment for reliable air conditioning repairs in Kennesaw, Atlanta, and Marietta. Our heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality technicians will work to perform the necessary repairs and bring cool, comfortable air back to your home as quickly as possible.