Residential Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Residential Ductless Mini-Split Systems Installation & Repair Services

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer a range of benefits for Atlanta area homeowners. Also referred to as a ductless mini-split heating and cooling system, these HVAC systems do not require ducting, unlike central air conditioning or heating. The system is composed of an exterior heat pump unit, connected to one or more interior air handling units. Each interior air handler operates independently of others, allowing for zoned comfort in all areas of the home.

With no ductwork requirements, a ductless mini-split system is a flexible and affordable option for homes with no existing ducts, new additions where ductwork has not been installed, and other applications. Ductless systems conserve energy which is lost through duct leaks in a traditional, ducted heating and cooling system - this can save your household up to 30 percent on energy costs!

Ductless System Financing

Estes Services offers financing options to help make the purchase of your ductless HVAC system more convenient. Contact us today to learn more.