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Ductless Mini-Split Installation and Repair Service in Atlanta 

Ductless mini-split systems are an increasingly popular choice for homes in the greater Atlanta area. With no ductwork requirements, a ductless mini-split system is a flexible and affordable option for homes with no existing ductwork, new additions, and outbuilding applications. In addition, ductless systems conserve energy, which is lost through duct leaks in a traditional, ducted heating and cooling system—This can save your household up to 30 percent on energy costs.

If you are looking for a way to incorporate heating and cooling into a particular part of your home, a ductless mini-split system may be the right choice for you. At Estes Services, we provide top-quality ductless HVAC services in the greater Atlanta area. We have a dedicated staff and team of technicians who work hard to deliver integrity and quality service.

Since 1949, we have been family-owned and operated and serving the greater Atlanta community. Our ductless mini-split services include:

  • Ductless installation and replacement

  • Ductless repair

  • Ductless maintenance

You can count on us to keep you comfortable with ductless installation, repair, or maintenance. We provide free estimates, second opinions, and recommendations for the best ductless service near you.

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Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-splits can provide numerous benefits, including easy installation, energy efficiency, and flexibility. Mini-splits are seen as a good alternative to baseboard heating, radiators, and window ac units.

Easy Installation

Since no ductwork is involved, mini-splits have a much simpler installation process than conventional air-conditioners. Construction is minimal. Only a three-inch hole in an exterior wall is required to connect proper lines and wiring from the outdoor to the indoor unit. We will be in and out of your house in no-time!

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for traditional air conditioning? Ductless mini-split systems do not experience such energy losses associated with ductwork.


Mini-split systems provide flexibility for your home comfort. You have zoned cooling (and heating) options, which provide enhanced comfort if you have different temperature preferences throughout your home.

Mini-splits are a great solution in a variety of residential applications, including room additions, garages, basements, older homes without existing ductwork, porches and sunrooms, and more.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Atlanta, GA

If you're looking for ductless mini-split installation, count on the experts at Estes Services. We provide top-quality ductless mini-split installation and replacement.

Our NATE-certified technicians provide professional ductless mini-split installation in order to ensure your comfort and safety. Our friendly experts will walk you through every step of the installation process. We offer an excellent warranty and special financing options on new systems.

  • Single or multi-zone options

  • Wall, floor, or ceiling-mounted indoor unit selections

  • Excellent warranty coverage

  • Special Financing

Ductless Mini-Split Gallery

Carrier Performance Mini Split 

 Mitsubishi 9000 thermal unit ductless mini-split

Carrier Performance Mini Split 

Installed Carrier wall mount system

Ductless Mini-Split Installation Costs

There are several factors that impact the cost of a ductless mini-split installation, including:

  • Unit Size: The square footage of the area you are hoping to condition with your mini-split will determine the unit size, which is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).

  • Number of Zones: How many rooms do you want to heat and cool with the mini-split? The more zones or indoor units required, the higher the cost.

  • New Install or Replacement: Mini-split installation cost depends on if it's a new installation or replacement. If it's a new install, it will cost more, as it is more time and labor-intensive.

  • SEER Rating: The higher the SEER2 rating, the more energy efficient the unit is and, therefore, a higher upfront cost.

At Estes Services, we offer great specials and discounts as well as special financing options so that the cost of your new ductless mini-split installation is affordable. Learn more about how you can pay for the new system over time with affordable monthly payments.

Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance

It's important to follow proper maintenance for your ductless mini-split. That's why we offer our popular Maintenance Membership Plans, which give you a one-year warranty on all repairs.

Why Choose Estes Services

Estes Services is a locally owned and operated family business that has been the leading choice of home comfort in the greater Atlanta area since 1949.

It's our promise to provide you with top-quality ductless HVAC service, which is why we are proud:

  • Family-owned and operated

  • Highly trained, certified, and expert technicians

  • Offer great maintenance membership plans

  • Tradition of integrity & quality

When you go ductless, make sure you go ductless with Estes Services! By the end of our service, you will be saying: It''s Easy, it's Estes!

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Mitsubishi Mini Split Installed by Estes

Our experts are dedicated to your comfort and efficiency. We offer the latest HVAC technology and highly trained technicians to handle your ductless mini-split installation, repair, and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a ductless mini-split system? As the name suggests, this kind of HVAC system does not require ductwork, unlike central air conditioning or heating. The system is composed of an exterior heat pump unit connected to one or more interior air handling units. Each interior air handler operates independently of others, allowing for zoned comfort in all areas of the home.

Can a ductless mini-split heat my home, too? Yes, mini-splits can provide heating in your home. Upon your ductless mini-split installation consultation, you will want to discuss which area of your home you would like the unit to heat and cool. You will want to make sure you select the right unit for your performance requirements.

Why go ductless?
Ductless mini-split systems provide easy installation, energy efficiency, and flexibility. You can add heating and cooling in a room or zone in your home without the need for ductwork.

Ductless System Financing

Estes Services offers financing options to help make the purchase of your ductless HVAC system more convenient. Contact us today to learn more.

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