Consider Ductless Air Conditioners

Consider Ductless Air Conditioners

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Have Home Reno Fever?

Home renovation is a popular pastime for most homeowners, including watching home design and rehab shows. You might be a huge fan of Chip and Joanna and know all their children’s names, but do you know the latest advancements in the HVAC industry to make your home renovation project easier?

Renovating can be a major project, especially if you are adding a new addition to your home. By utilizing ductless air conditioners in your new addition or in other places where ductwork is complicated or cost-prohibitive, you can maintain cool temperatures throughout the summer months.

What Are Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless air conditioners, also known as ductless mini-split air conditioners, are compact energy efficient cooling systems designed to cool a room or zone without the use of air ducts. There are two components to ductless air conditioners. The first is an indoor air handling unit typically mounted high on a wall and the second is the outdoor condenser unit. Both units are connected by a thin refrigerant line and an electrical line running through a small hole in the wall.

How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

Ductless air conditioners use refrigerant to transfer heat from inside your home and convert it to cool air. The cool air is circulated back into your home through the indoor air handling unit. The beauty of ductless air conditioners is many models are reversible to provide cooling during the warmer months and heating during the colder months.

What Are the Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioners?

Ductless mini-split technology provides several benefits to homeowners, including the simplicity of its design for year-round climate control. It’s a quiet cooling system with additional benefits, such as:

  • Increased flexibility compared to standard air conditioning systems. Traditional systems require ducts, while ductless air conditioners perform freely within a designated space and only need electricity to operate. Ductless air conditioners are small and take up less space which makes them even more flexible for additions and areas without existing ductwork.
  • Ductless air conditioners are more efficient than traditional cooling systems because the unit only operates when the designated area needs cooling. A ductless system isn’t affected by the rest of your house or the varying temperatures in other rooms. It only serves to cool one room or a zoned area monitored by a separate thermostat.
  • Installation of ductless air conditioners are quick, and new systems can be utilized the same day of installation. The installation is less invasive compared to a traditional cooling system and doesn’t require construction or additional ductwork to be installed throughout your home.
  • If you have uneven temperatures throughout your home or you’ve decided to finish a garage or patio for a “Man Cave” or “She Shed,” ductless technology might be your answer!

Make your next home renovation project a breeze by installing ductless air conditioners in your new addition or area that lacks proper ductwork. Estes Services offers a comprehensive line of ductless technology products, and our NATE-certified technicians will offer the best suggestions for your home. Contact Estes Services for all your HVAC needs, including your ductless air conditioning options!