Residential Air Handlers / Fan Coils

Residential Air Handlers in Atlanta, Georgia

A new air handler will improve the performance and efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems. Estes Services offers air handlers in Atlanta, Georgia that will match your current HVAC system. For more information about our air handlers or to schedule service today, contact the HVAC system experts at Estes Services.

What Is an Air Handler?

Air handlers are vital components of all central cooling and heating systems, as they circulate conditioned air throughout the home. An air handler's job is to regulate the air's temperature before sending it through the ductwork in your home's ventilation system.

Air handlers improve your home's air quality by trapping dirt and debris through its filter before air circulates into your living areas. The air handler is the indoor portion of your air conditioning system and works in conjunction with your outside air conditioner, and the two are linked via refrigerant lines.

Air handlers store the blower components, the evaporator coils and the furnace filter.


The blower is responsible for circulating conditioned air out of the heating or cooling system, into the ductwork, and then into your living spaces.

Air Filter

Air filters are located within air handling units and sit between the fan and intake ducting. Air that passes into the HVAC system first goes through the air filter, which is responsible for removing any dirt, debris or other contaminants. This protects your heating, air conditioning or heat pump system, as well as improves your home's indoor air quality.

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils, also referred to as the indoor coils, contain refrigerant gas. As the air passes over the evaporator coil, excess heat is absorbed by the refrigerant to cool the air.

If your current air handler isn't operating properly or efficiently, it makes your HVAC systems perform poorly. When any of your HVAC systems aren't operating at their maximum efficiency, it wastes energy and money.

Different Types of Residential Air Handlers

There are a few types of air handlers available depending on your home's needs. An HVAC unit technician from Estes Services can inspect your home to determine the type you need before performing air handler installation.

  • A single-speed air handling unit has a motor and a fan, which operates at one continuous speed.
  • A five-speed unit offers several speeds and provides greater accuracy. With additional speeds, these units are more effective at circulating the indoor air throughout every room in your home. Five-speed units also operate more quietly and efficiently.
  • Finally, a variable-speed model allows the unit to operate with different speeds to guarantee precise function to meet any requirement. Variable speed units can adjust to different humidity levels while improving indoor air quality and keeping temperatures consistent.

Common Issues With Residential Air Handlers

Like the rest of your heating and air conditioning equipment, air handlers need to be regularly maintained to ensure they operate efficiently. Issues within your air handling unit can make or break your HVAC system. Some common issues that affect an air handler's performance include:

Dirty Filters

Dirty or clogged HVAC filters prevent proper airflow and can allow dirt and debris to enter the system, leading to premature wear and tear and system repairs because the HVAC system must use more energy to cool your home.

Dirty Evaporator Coils

Evaporator coils covered in dirt and debris limit the system's ability to exchange heat properly. Evaporator coils should be checked and cleaned during an annual inspection.

A Faulty Blower Motor

A faulty blower motor struggles to circulate air properly and draws excess energy, leading to wear and tear and higher energy bills.

Contact Estes for Resdiential HVAC Services

If you notice any issues with your air handling unit, don't hesitate to contact the heating and cooling system experts at Estes Services. Our technicians can inspect the system and recommend any needed repairs or even replacements. If the system is more than 10 years old and is in need of expensive repairs, it might be time to upgrade to a new unit.

For all of your home's heating and cooling needs, don't hesitate to contact the HVAC experts at Estes Services to schedule an appointment.