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Lighting installation adds beauty and visibility to areas of your Atlanta home both inside and out. With the right lighting, the look of a space is completely transformed, as well as its functionality. Use lighting to enhance safety, increase usability, add ambiance, and complement décor or structural features.

For lighting installation projects, a qualified electrician is a great asset to Atlanta homeowners, for both planning and safe workmanship. Estes Services' licensed electricians help you design the perfect lighting additions for your indoor and outdoor spaces, and perform skilled installation to ensure code compliance, safety, and performance.

Residential Lighting Installation Services

Indoor LED and Incandescent Lighting

Bulb choice is a big deal to Atlanta homeowners when adding a new lighting installation. Many prefer to upgrade older fixtures and add new lighting units that utilize energy efficient LED bulbs, while others stick to tried and true incandescent fixtures. No matter your choice, Estes has options for you.

Overhead Fixture Installation

Overhead lighting installation adds new fixtures to deliver more light across an entire room or targeted lighting. There are a multitude of fixture options to choose from, which are used to complement a room's existing décor or even add a new focal point.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting installation delivers soft, even lighting in a room. Make rooms look and feel better without bulky lighting fixtures and unique lighting effects. Paired with dimmers, Atlanta homeowners benefit from more control over lighting levels. These safe and efficient lighting fixtures are great for kitchens, living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways, and more!

Track and Accent Lighting

Track lighting fixtures and accent lighting provide targeted lighting to specific areas. Track lighting contains multiple individual bulbs so lighting can be positioned to highlight room accents and wall hangings. Accent lighting such as sconces, pendant lamps, and torcheres also deliver targeted lighting while the fixture itself becomes part of your room's décor.

Outdoor Structural Lighting

Much of Atlanta's beautiful architecture cannot be appreciated after dark - light up your home's exterior and show it off with outdoor structural lighting installation. Outdoor lighting fixtures and installed to highlight your home's exterior features while delivering more outdoor visibility after dark.

Landscape Lighting

Landscaping isn't just for the daytime - with landscape lighting installation, those beautiful beds, ponds, and other features you've worked so hard to maintain take on a new life after dark! Landscape lighting fixtures are durable and weather resistant. These lights are strategically installed to highlight outdoor features around a property.

Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor security lighting installation improves safety and gives Atlanta homeowners peace of mind. Security lighting deters trespassing and other illegal activities with higher visibility at night. Improve safety for your household and guests with lighted walkways to help you move safely outdoors.

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There is so much you can accomplish with lighting installation - let Estes Services make your dreams a reality! We help Atlanta homeowners plan effective and efficient lighting installation plans, select appropriate fixtures, and provide the reliable installation services required to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.