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Heating Tune-Up Helps Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your Unit

A heating tune-up is important for your home's comfort, safety, and efficiency. It should be a part of your preventive maintenance routine, and it helps ensure that your unit is properly functioning. After all, an improperly maintained system can pose health and safety hazards in your home. For instance, a neglected furnace could emit carbon monoxide into your home.

Moreover, think of a heating tune-up as an investment in your home. It can help increase the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of your HVAC equipment, which is where some of the most common home repairs occur, according to Consumer Affairs. That's where we can come in. Estes Services has been a trusted name for heating tune-up services in the greater Atlanta area for over 75 years.

It's our mission to provide comfort and efficiency with top-quality service. Our NATE-certified technicians can perform tune-ups for all makes and models of heat pumps and furnaces. So, if you're searching for a heating inspection near me, we can help.

We offer excellent tune-up and inspection specials & coupons. As Atlanta's #1 locally-owned and operated family HVAC business, our customers choose us for:

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How Often Do I Need a Heating Tune-Up? 

Both of your home's heating and cooling systems need to be properly maintained. Your home's air conditioner should be tuned up in the spring, while your furnace should be serviced in the fall before the arrival of cold weather. Contact us to schedule your top-quality heating tune-up service, preferably before you turn the system on for the first time.

Scheduling heating tune-ups allow our technicians to inspect, clean, and catch smaller issues before they lead to larger, more expensive repairs. Our heating tune-ups give many homeowners peace of mind that their systems will stay efficient all year long.

When the furnace operates at peak performance levels, it delivers more reliable, even temperatures. Heating tune-ups cut down on the number of contaminants in the system to deliver better indoor air quality. This translates into better comfort inside your Atlanta home for you and your family. So, don't delay your tune-up. If you have been searching for a "heating tune-up near me," you've come to the right place. Schedule service with us now.

What Does a Heating Tune-Up Include?

Our expert heating and furnace repair technicians ensure a proper and thorough tune-up service for you. In fact, our Atlanta heating tune-up includes the following:

  • Visual system inspection

  • Measuring amp draw and capacitor levels

  • Checking and adjusting gas pressure

  • Inspecting ductwork

  • Checking thermostat and changing batteries, if necessary

  • Cleaning flame sensors and burners

  • Testing for gas leaks

  • Changing the furnace air filter if necessary

  • Clearing drain lines

  • Inspecting vent piping

  • Inspecting heat exchanger

  • Testing thermostat operation

  • Tightening all electrical connections

  • Changing CO detector batteries

  • Inspecting Fan Blade

  • Checking blower rotation

  • Testing CO detector operation

Why is a Tune-Up Important?

Properly maintaining your heating system is essential for your home's comfort and safety, especially during the coldest months of the year. If you are experiencing any issues with your heating system or notice an unusual spike in your utility bills, it's a good idea to schedule a heating tune-up.

A heating tune-up is important for several reasons, and it is a worthwhile investment for your home. Some of the major benefits of a tune-up include:

Increased Energy Efficiency

By improving airflow and optimizing internal components, our HVAC technicians can reduce the overall amount of energy your system uses to do its job. In the end, this means more comfort, reduced repair costs, and preventing the need for a new system!

Costly Repair Prevention

Component failure and maintenance neglect are two of the most common causes for air-conditioning repairs. When you work with our NATE-certified HVAC technicians at Estes Services, they will help ensure proper system performance and prevention of problems long before they cause an issue. Yes, an affordable tune-up can save you and your family money in the long run.

Increased Comfort

A well-maintained system with a heating or furnace tune-up performs better, providing you with quality heating that leaves no cold spots, uneven warmth, or ineffective service.

Extended Equipment Life

By maximizing and streamlining your system, you're taking pressure off of your furnace. This means it wears down more slowly, and you will be a lot more likely to reach its expected lifespan of 15-20 years.

Trust the heating services experts at Estes Services to get the job done right the first time.

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