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Our locally owned and operated family business provides HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services in Duluth, GA. Whether it's AC repair or replacement, plumbing or electrical repair, Estes Services is here to help keep your family comfortable all year long.

We offer numerous specials and coupons as well as special financing options.

Our Maintenance Membership Plans have you covered for your maintenance needs. In addition, our Estes Easy Order program allows you to purchase a new system now and pay for it over time.

Choose Estes Services for your home comfort needs. We have been proudly serving Duluth, GA, since 1949.

  • Local & family-owned company
  • Excellent customer service
  • Specials and coupons
  • Special Financing
  • Maintenance memberships

HVAC Services in Duluth, GA

We provide excellent HVAC services near you. Our experienced technicians are licensed and NATE-certified so that they can handle any AC replacement and AC unit repair.

AC Replacement in Duluth, GA with Estes Services

AC Replacement in Duluth, GA

Are you in need of an air conditioning repair in Duluth, GA? Our heating and cooling technicians repair every make and model of air conditioner. Licensed and trained, you can be sure to count on us to fix any repairs promptly.

NATE-certified technicians

Affordable maintenance membership plans

73+ years of experience

Air Conditioning Repair Duluth GA done by Estes HVAC Technicians

Air Conditioner Repair Duluth, GA

Are you in need of an air conditioning repair Duluth GA? Our heating and cooling technicians repair every make and model of air conditioners. Licensed and trained, you can be sure to count on us to fix any repairs promptly.

NATE-certified technicians

Affordable maintenance membership plans

73+ years of experience

Coston, Estes  HVAC Tech performing an HVAC Maintenance in Duluth, Georgia

HVAC Maintenance in Duluth, GA

Our Maintenance Membership Plans are an excellent way to keep your home systems well-maintained. Thousands of homeowners in the greater Atlanta area enjoy the benefits of being an Estes Services Maintenance Member, which includes comprehensive heating and cooling checks, filter changes, priority service, and discounter repairs. We invite you to become a part of our Maintenance Membership program today. Call us to learn more about the plan that better fits your needs.

Heating Installation in Duluth, Georgia

Furnace Installation

We perform top-quality furnace installation services in Duluth, GA. If you think your furnace isn't working properly or has stopped working completely, it may be time for a new furnace installation. Our experts can diagnose the problem and recommend the best new unit for your home.

Furnace Repair, Duluth Georgia

Heating Repair

Our heating experts have you covered for your furnace repair in Duluth, GA. We provide furnace repair services for every make and model. If you think your unit needs repair, schedule a service.

Plumbers in Duluth, GA  

Our Duluth plumbers can help you with any plumbing issue in your home. Licensed and insured, our expert plumbers offer numerous plumbing services, including:

 Sewer line repair 

If you're having trouble with your sewage system, we offer sewer line repair and replacement services to get it back to normal. We want to help you ensure proper performance and prevent health and safety risks.

Water heater repair and replacement 

Whether you need a water heater repair or replacement, we can help with excellent service and solutions that work within your budget. We serve all brands of water heaters. We also install tankless and tank water heaters, which can be either gas or electric.

Call Estes Services today for water heater inspection, installation, or repair services in Norcross at an affordable price.

Plumbing leak repair 

Leaks of all shapes and sizes can appear in many different places. Our plumbers are very skilled at finding and resolving your leaks.

Fixture installation 

We repair and install new plumbing fixtures for your home, from faucets, sinks, toilets, shower heads, and much more. Eliminate the hassle of doing-it-yourself, and leave it to our experts.

We can fix, solve, or improve almost any plumbing systems and components around your home. It's that Easy; it's Estes! Schedule service today. A plumber Duluth GA at Estes Services will be happy to help.

Electricians in Duluth, GA 

Our electricians in Duluth, GA, can help you with any electrical issue in your home and provide numerous plumbing services.

Electrical Panel Replacement in Duluth, GA

Electrical panel repair & replacement 

A faulty circuit breaker in your home may require an electrical panel repair or replacement. If you are experiencing any warning signs, like a burning or fishy odors, your circuit breaker constantly tripping or being too hot to touch, visible signs of wire damage, or strange noises, it's time to schedule a service with our experts.

Rewiring process. Estes Electricians working in Duluth on a Rewiring home

Home wiring upgrades 

Our electricians can help you with home wiring upgrades, which may be needed if you have an older home with outdated electrical components; have recently added new devices or appliances; need to add or relocate switches, outlets, and dimmers; or would like to install new lighting to enhance your space.

Smart Security Cameras Installation

Smart Security Cameras/ Smart Devices

We perform smart home installation services for your home, including cameras and security, video doorbells and locks, thermostats, smart plugs and lighting, smoke alarms, and voice devices and speakers.

Licensed and certified, our expert electricians offer excellent service and quality work you can trust to keep you safe and comfortable.

Estes Customers Reviews

Why we're the best Home Services company in Duluth, GA

Elliott and his partner were very professional, very prompt, and very quick to complete the project. I am glad I chose Estes. Thank You

Edith W

5-STAR Google Review. Service: Toilet repair

The technicians were very professional, experienced, and thorough. They provided information about the state of my furnace that was useful.

John Royall

5-STAR Google Review. Service: Water heater installation, Heating system installation

Water supply line sprung a leak in an interior wall. They were able to come out with 4 hours and repair the pipe. Justin was very friendly and professional.

Harry Bosma

5-STAR Google Review. Service: Plumbing leak detection

Water Leak in Front Yard

Do you have a large puddle or pool of water in your front yard? This could be due to serious plumbing issues like sewer or water line leaks. And if left unchecked, you could experience a high water bill and cause damage to your home and the surrounding area. You do not want to take this lightly.

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