Water Leak in the yard

Water Leak in Front Yard

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What A Water Leak in Your Front Yard Could Mean

Do you have a large puddle or pool of water in your front yard? This could be due to a serious plumbing issue, like a sewer or water line leak. And if left unchecked, you could experience a high water bill and cause damage to your home and the surrounding area. You do not want to take this lightly.

If you have water your front yard, it's best to act quickly to resolve the issue. The longer you wait, the costlier the problem could become from a financial, health, and safety standpoint.

That's why we will quickly go over the possible sources for a water in your front yard and what you should do now to find and solve the problem.

Sources of Water Leak in Front Yard

If there is a water leak in your front yard, it could be from one of three sources: irrigation system, sewer line, or main water line. We will briefly go over these sources and then explain the best way to know where a leak is coming from.

Irrigation System Leak

The water in your yard could be from a leak in your irrigation system, otherwise known as your sprinkler system. Your main line provides water to this system. What makes a leak in your irrigation system particularly difficult to identify is if it is underground.

Possible signs of an irrigation system leak include water pooling around a sprinkler head or water spurting between sprinklers.

Sewer Line Leak

Your sewer line provides a critical role for your home comfort—that is, to carry wastewater out of your home.

When water is in your front yard, it could be attributed to a sewer line leak, which typically is associated with a smell of sewage as well. You may also notice unusually green grass or even rats infiltrating your yard (gross!).

Here's several other common signs of a sewer line leak:

Weird sounds coming from your toilets

Absence of water inside your toilets

Sewer smell on your property

Sewage backing up in your bathtub

Sewer line issues can be a serious disruption to your home's comfort, health, and safety. You may need a sewer line repair or replacement now. Our team of expert Atlanta plumbers can provide a sewer line inspection to determine the next step.

Water Line Leak

The water line is the pipe that runs from your water meter to the inside of your house. A water line leak is a very serious issue that requires prompt repair or replacement.

In addition to a pool of water in your front yard, a few other common signs include the following:

Water spots in your home

Mold or mildew presence in your home

Low water pressure

Plumbing clogs more than usual

If you think you have a water line leak, you should immediately call a plumber, as you may need a repair or water line replacement.

Now that we covered the potential sources for water in your front yard keep in mind that it's difficult to ascertain the source of a leak yourself without the consultation of a licensed Atlanta plumber.

In fact, the best way to know where a leak is coming from is by scheduling a service with a licensed plumber.

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