Fall HVAC Tips: How to Prepare & Avoid Costly Repairs

Fall HVAC Tips: How to Prepare & Avoid Costly Repairs

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Show some seasonal heating maintenance love to your system this fall. Your furnace or heat pump worked hard last winter to keep your home warm and comfortable, so it deserves some TLC. Book heating repairs before fall ends and heating tune ups now! As the weather transitions, you are most likely to catch the appointment scheduler with the most flexibility. Schedule now before the first frosty morning and everyone else calls.

Estes Services offers emergency services 24/7, but waiting to schedule maintenance may result in unexpected and expensive HVAC repairs. Prepare your heating system now for the upcoming winter and save money and headaches when the temperatures plummet.

Fall HVAC Tips to Prepare My Heating System

Georgia homeowners need to take a few important steps to prepare heating equipment for cold weather. Doing so also helps you avoid heating repairs before fall ends.

Heating Tune Up

Your heating system operates better when it is kept clean and well maintained. Excess dust, pet dander, pollen and other debris obstruct airflow and decrease efficiency. Scheduling a heating tune up in Atlanta is one of the most important fall HVAC tips we can offer, and can provide the vital care your system needs for better performance, efficiency, and comfort.

An efficient furnace or heat pump will keep your home warm using less energy. Less energy means lower bills. Your heating system also shows fewer signs of wear and tear when you schedule maintenance regularly.

Scheduled maintenance on your heating system also prolongs its lifespan. This prevents you from purchasing a new furnace or heat pump before you’re ready financially. Frequent HVAC repairs and excessive wear and tear simply drain the life from your equipment.

Finally, part of seasonal maintenance replaces damaged components, which helps you avoid additional heating repairs before fall ends. Your heating system is less vulnerable to safety issues, such as electrical fires and carbon monoxide poisoning when it’s regularly maintained.

Seasonal maintenance ensures your furnace or heat pump is ready for the colder temperatures and prevents HVAC repairs when you least expect them.

Do I Need a Heating Tune Up Every Fall?

Yes, a heating system tune up is required every year. Once a year for furnaces and boilers, and heat pumps need them twice a year since they both heat and cool – fall is best for a heat pump tune up prior to heating season. A yearly tune up isn’t only to deliver the benefits above, it’s commonly a requirement of HVAC equipment manufacturers’ warranty terms. Don’t risk voiding your valuable warranty coverage just to save a few bucks – the small investment you make in a heating tune up each year has a big payoff.

Help Heating With…

If you want to help your heating system out this autumn, try the following:

New Thermostat Installation

Programmable thermostat installation to control temperatures when you aren’t home is one option. Your furnace or heat pump operates only when needed and reduces the amount of wear and tear on your equipment. This helps prevent heating repairs before fall and throughout the entire year.

Filter Changes

Check your filter once a month and replace it if you notice excessive dirt or dust. A clean filter ensures your heating components are clear of debris and prevents airflow obstructions. This prevents your heating system from operating harder than necessary to provide your home with warmth.


Pay careful attention to strange noises, smells, and indoor comfort problems whenever your furnace or heat pump starts up, turns off, and operates. Clanging, banging and screeching are common noises indicating a problem. Your furnace also should not produce foul odors or allow for temperature fluctuations in the home. If you notice any strange sounds or other troubling symptoms, contact Estes Services immediately to avoid further damage to your heating system, or worse, an unsafe situation. Doing so helps you catch malfunctions early on before heavy damage is caused.

Have Estes Services Make Heating Repairs Before Fall Is Over

Schedule heating maintenance and heating repairs before fall ends – call Estes Services today! Let us take care of your fall HVAC tips and get your furnace or heat pump into top shape so it is fully capable of keeping you warm all winter long.