Heat Pumps in Atlanta, Georgia

Heat pumps are the perfect option for homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia.  Heat pumps cool your home with ease, removing warm air from inside and transferring it outdoors.  When cold weather comes, the heat pump works in reverse, extracting heat from the air outdoors and moving it inside the home for space heating.  Heat pumps are affordable, and generate less dry air during the heating season compared to furnaces.  Heat pumps also are more environmentally friendly, consuming less energy to heat and cool homes.

At Estes, we give you options so you can live life comfortably.

Carrier Turn to the Experts | Estes ServicesCarrier Turn to the Experts | Estes Services
  • MODEL #
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Sound Level
  • Compressor
  • Parts Warranty
    • Comfort Heat Pump | Estes ServicesComfort Heat Pump | Estes Services
    • 25HCE4
    • Up to 14 SEER / 8.2 HSPF
    • 69 Decibels
    • Single Stage
    • 10 Year
    • Performance Heat Pump | Estes ServicesPerformance Heat Pump | Estes Services
    • 25HCC5
    • Up to 16 SEER / 9 HSPF
    • 68 Decibels
    • Single Stage
    • 10 Year
    • Infinity Heat Pump | Estes ServicesInfinity Heat Pump | Estes Services
    • 25VNA8
    • Up to 18 SEER / 11 HSPF
    • 55 Decibels
    • Variable, 5 Stage
    • 10 Year
Heat Pump Financing

With financing through Wells Fargo Financial National Bank, we can outfit your home with a new heat pump while offering payments broken up over time. Contact us to learn more.

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