Summer breeze or arctic chill? What is the best temp to sleep in at night?

Summer breeze or arctic chill? What is the best temp to sleep in at night?

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For many homeowners in the Atlanta area, trying to find that perfect temperature while you sleep can be troublesome.  There are some great tips to achieving optimal sleep and saving money while you do it!  If you aren’t achieving the ideal temperature, have an HVAC contractor inspect your unit.  There could be underlying reasons for inadequate airflow or uneven temperatures between rooms.  

Ideal Sleeping Temperature

There are many reasons for why someone can’t sleep but the temperature in your bedroom shouldn’t be one of them.  With a temperature set that isn’t too hot or too cold, you will wake up less often and wake feeling more rested.  For the best sleep, your bedroom temperature should be set between 60 and 67° F.  

Reasons that Prevent Ideal Temperatures

If you are having trouble achieving the ideal temperature in your home there could be a more serious reason.  An HVAC contractor can inspect your whole home HVAC system and see what problems may be interfering with the comfort of your indoor airflow.

  • Thermostat malfunctioning due to improper programming or faulty batteries
  • Thermostat could also be outdated and need replaced
  • Vents or registers may be closed, restricting airflow from moving throughout the home
  • Clogged or obstructed ductwork also prevents air from circulating in a home
  • Dirty air filter that needs cleaned or replaced
  • Evaporator coils might be dirty and need cleaned
  • Leaky ducts that are leaking air and not filtering it back through the ductwork system
  • A blocked or dirty condenser can also prevent even temperatures from circulating throughout your home

Heating and Air Companies Near Me?

Asking yourself what heating and air companies are near you is the first step in achieving your ideal sleep temperature.  By locating a heating and air company near you, you can find a trusted and certified HVAC contractor to perform routine maintenance on your system.  An HVAC contractor can also offer solutions to prevent future problems with your heating and air conditioning system. 

Estes Services offers HVAC installation, maintenance and repair for residents in and around the Atlanta area.  We have certified HVAC contractors and over 70 years of trusted experience in the HVAC industry.  Call Estes Services today and discover the benefits of the ideal temperature for a restful night’s sleep!