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Mini-Split Pros and Cons in 2023

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Are you wondering about mini-split pros and cons? When it comes to commercial HVAC units, you have many options to choose from. One such option that might not immediately be considered is the ductless mini-split system, which has grown in popularity recently in North America.

In fact, the mini-split has been common in other parts of the world, such as Europe and South Asia, for quite some time, and it is now an increasingly popular solution in the U.S. Could the mini-split be the right solution for your business?

Discover mini-split pros and cons in commercial applications in this article, and find out if it could be the right choice for your business today.

What is a Mini-Split?

A mini-split is a kind of ductless HVAC system. It can be an air-conditioner only, or it can also be a heat pump, which provides both heating and cooling for a building.

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Ductless mini-split systems can provide excellent climate control for specific rooms or zones. They can be an alternative to portable or window air-conditioners as well as traditional central HVAC systems, which involve ductwork.

Mini-splits have several main components: an outdoor condenser and an indoor air-handler unit, which are connected by refrigerant lines and electrical wiring. The outdoor condenser connects to one or more air handlers in the building. As you can see, mini-split systems have the ability to serve multiple rooms/zones from one condenser if needed. Each of the air handlers then have its own thermostat.

Mini-Split Advantages

The advantages of a mini-split system include the following:

1. Efficiency — Mini-splits are considered to have high energy efficiency, as there is no energy loss from the ductwork. Additionally, mini-splits use a variable-speed compressor which enables the system to speed up and slow down as needed for the right temperature (as opposed to stopping and starting like a traditional AC unit).

2. Simple Installation — Installation of a mini-split system is relatively easy compared to other systems; there is no ductwork involved. As a result, typically, there isn't a need to put a bunch of holes in your floors or ceilings for vents. It can actually take less time to install than a central air-conditioner.

3. Zoned Heating & Cooling — With a mini-split, you have zoned heating and cooling, which basically means you have the ability to control the temperature of each room/zone. For instance, in an office setting, if some are having to use space heaters to keep warm or fans to keep cool, a ductless mini-split may be the right solution.

4. No Ductwork — We've mentioned this several times throughout this article, but it deserves to be called out specifically: no ductwork. This makes mini-splits a great option if you have a new addition to your space or are performing a retrofit. Not to mention, you enjoy the added benefits of greater efficiency and performance without the hassle of ductwork.

5. Convenience & Security — Last but not least, ductless mini-splits provide convenience and security when compared to alternatives.

For instance, in comparison to the window AC unit, a mini-split doesn't have the same downsides. For one, a window AC unit typically prevents light from entering a space. Second, a burglar could potentially enter through a window with an AC unit.

Additionally, in comparison to the traditional air-conditioner, you don't have to worry about ductwork and all the added installation criteria.

Mini-Split Disadvantages

The disadvantages of a mini-split system include the following:

6. Design — One disadvantage of the mini-split system is the design. Some may not like the look of the mini-split air handlers in their business; it takes some getting used to. However, you do have options when considering where to mount the air handlers, such as the ceiling, floors, or walls. Our experienced commercial HVAC technicians can explain your options in more detail.

7. Cost — Another factor to consider is the cost. While installation costs can vary depending on the commercial application, they can sometimes be more expensive than a traditional unit.

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As you can see, depending on the unique factors of your business, a ductless mini-split system may be right for you in terms of comfort, efficiency, and cost.

In fact, if you are in need of more personalized settings to meet the individual needs and occupancies of certain zones or rooms in your building, then you should definitely consider the mini-split to provide personalized comfort and increased energy savings.

That's where we come in. Since 1949, we have been providing comfort and efficiency with top-quality service. Our experienced team can help you with all your commercial HVAC needs. Schedule a consultation now to learn more about our mini-split services.