Air Conditioners in Atlanta, Georgia

Air conditioners in Atlanta, Georgia are essential to maintaining comfort in your home.  These systems are designed to move cool air through your entire home, while maintaining a set temperature throughout.  New air conditioner systems have higher SEER ratings, which reduce energy consumption and save money. Other benefits of installing a new air conditioner include improved indoor air quality and less operating noise.

At Estes, we give you options so you can live life comfortably.

Carrier Turn to the Experts | Estes ServicesCarrier Turn to the Experts | Estes Services
  • MODEL #
  • Efficiency Rating
  • Sound Level
  • Compressor
  • Parts Warranty
    • Carrier 24ACC4 Air Conditioner | Estes ServicesCarrier 24ACC4 Air Conditioner | Estes Services
    • Carrier 24ACC4
    • Up to 14 SEER
    • 72 Decibels
    • Single Stage
    • 10 Year
    • Carrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner | Estes ServicesCarrier 24ACC6 Air Conditioner | Estes Services
    • Carrier 24ACC6
    • Up to 16 SEER
    • 72 Decibels
    • Single Stage
    • 10 Year
    • Infinity Air Conditioners | Estes ServicesInfinity Air Conditioners | Estes Services
    • Carrier 24VNA9
    • Up to 19 SEER
    • 56 Decibels
    • Variable, 5 Stage
    • 10 Year
Air Conditioner Financing

At Estes Services, we want to pair you with the air conditioner that best fits your budget and needs.  We have special financing through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. to provide you with payment options over time.

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