Carrier 59TP6 Gas Furnace

Furnaces on the market today are more efficient and offer better heating throughout your entire home. Find the right level of efficiency for your home, see if the Carrier 59TP6 Gas Furnace is right for you!


Carrier offers an even better furnace with their Performance™ series 59TP6. With the aided support of the Performance Edge® thermostat and the variable-speed blower motor, the furnace is able to operate in the lowest stage up to 90% of the time. This equals better energy efficiency, better temperature, and more comfort in the home. The 59TP6 model is extremely quiet during operation and utilizes SmartEvap™ technology to allow cooling condensation time to drain and prevent rehumidification.

Efficiency: 96.7% AFUE

Quiet Level: Better

Comfort Features: Better