Controls & Upgrades in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial heating and cooling systems require more controls and upgrades to operate efficiently within larger spaces. Estes Services is dedicated to providing you with the latest advancements in controls for your system and the upgrades that will benefit you most. Contact Estes Services to learn more about the options we have for controls and upgrades for your commercial HVAC system.


Commercial HVAC Controls & Upgrades in Atlanta, GA

Electric/Electrical Controls

Estes Services technicians are experienced with installation, maintenance, and repairs of electrical and electronic control systems for commercial HVAC systems. These systems are designed to work independently from the other controls for your heating and cooling unit. With hardwired, interlocked connections, the electrical system works within a sequence to achieve operation that benefits the entire HVAC system.

Electrical and electronic control systems require limited tools and are easily maintained. They operate using line voltage or low voltage depending on the function in use. Electronic controls vary in design and purpose. They encompass temperature controls, relays, valves, pressure controls, humidity controls, dampers, and thermostats.

Pneumatic Controls

Pneumatic controls have long been considered the most cost-effective option for installation to work alongside a commercial heating and cooling system. They supply energy via compressed air to operate valves, relays, motors, and other pneumatic control equipment. The equipment common for most pneumatic control systems includes:

 – Air lines connect the supply air to the control devices; the line can be either polyethylene or copper tubing.

 – A compressed air source, stored in a receiver tank with the amount of pressure capable of providing energy to all the pneumatic devices for the system.

 – A station dedicated to pressure reduction to reduce the receiver tank pressure to a typical operating pressure, which varies between 15 and 25 psig.

 – An oil removal filter and refrigerant air dryer to keep the downstream air dry and oil-free.

 – Thermostats, humidistat controllers, valves, and dampers are common control devices.

The cost of maintaining a pneumatic system can be a drawback, considering the system requires specific tools and knowledge to maintain, repair, and install it. Estes Services technicians are equipped to handle any controls, including pneumatic controls.

Achieve the best control and output of your commercial HVAC system with controls and upgrades designed to work with your system seamlessly. Call Estes Services today and speak to our NATE-certified technicians. We will discuss your options and suggest the best controls and upgrades for your current equipment.