Data Center HVAC Repair & Installation in Atlanta, Georgia

Estes Service has served the greater Atlanta area with quality heating and cooling services since 1949. We provide services for all types of commercial businesses, including data centers and companies with a designated data center  in Atlanta, GA. If your business has a need for data center HVAC service, contact the trusted pros at Estes Commercial. We can handle all of your company’s heating and cooling repair, tune up and installation needs.

Dependable Heating and Cooling Service for Data Centers and Computer Rooms

Our NATE-certified HVAC technicians are trained to perform heating and cooling services for data centers, which are designed to process and store a company’s important data and applications. Whether it’s controlling the temperature or dew point in your data center, we know just how important quality HVAC service is to these areas. Because server rooms have different commercial HVAC needs, we work closely with you to develop a heating and cooling plan that is tailored to your business’ needs.

When you’re in charge of protecting data that’s important, you can’t trust your heating and cooling needs to just any company. When you choose Estes for HVAC services, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best service in all of the greater Atlanta area.

Estes has more than 70 years of experience servicing companies that have specific needs related to their facility’s data centers.

Our commercial HVAC services include:

AC repair

AC tune up

AC installation

Heat pump repair

Ductless mini splits

Furnace repair

Furnace installation

Heating tune up

Building automation

Controls and upgrades


It’s imperative that you have commercial HVAC maintenance performed in your data center regularly. Our routine maintenance inspects every component of your heating and cooling system to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

We clean the condensate drain, blower compartment, electrical compartment, compressor compartment and the outdoor coil. We also inspect and clean the air filter, if necessary. Our tune up also inspects all of your system’s components, including bearings, the fan blade and compressor contactor, etc.

We also inspect the thermostat, condition of the line set and proper refrigerant levels. Everything is covered in an Estes tune up!

Required Conditions for Atlanta Data Center Hardware

Because server stacks generate a lot of heat, you need an HVAC system that can regulate the temperature to the proper level. An HVAC system break down can be disastrous for a server room that stores all of your company’s or clients’ data. Data centers need to be kept at a cooler temperature, and a system malfunction on a hot, summer’s day can damage or destroy data. If you don’t have the right HVAC equipment in a data center, then you’re putting your servers and critical information at risk.

Estes Services ensures that your data center is meeting the specific temperatures, humidity and dew point required. Some of the areas we’ll help your facility achieve, include:

1) Maintaining temperatures  between 69°F to 81°F. Operating within the right temperature is critical to a server’s performance.

2) Maintaining a maximum relative humidity that should not exceed 60 percent.

3) Maintaining a maximum dew point that should not exceed 59°F.

4) Maintaining a maximum rate of temperature change that should never exceed 9°F per hour.

Our technicians will ensure your heating and cooling system is programmed to keep your servers at ideal conditions for maximum safety and efficiency.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance for Data Centers

If a data center is exposed to too much heat, they can malfunction or break down altogether. Removing unnecessary  heat from heat sources can help your company conserve energy and reduce energy costs. Hiring an HVAC company to regularly inspect your data center will prevent break downs from occurring.

Some of the other benefits of regular HVAC maintenance, include:

1) Protecting sensitive data

2) Reducing the chance of a break down

3) Extending equipment lifespan

4) Improving energy savings

5) Reducing repairs

6) Improving indoor air quality

Experienced Commercial HVAC Repair and Replacement for Data Centers

Don’t leave the protection of your company’s servers and data to just any HVAC company – count on the trusted technicians at Estes Commercial to get the job done right. Whether it’s HVAC repair, tune up or installation services, we’re the leader in heating and cooling services in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Contact Estes today!