Commercial Heating & Air Conditioning Replacement in Atlanta, Georgia

Commercial HVAC systems are more complicated than the average residential system and require more upkeep and attention, so your business isn’t affected by surprise malfunctions and breakdowns. Large offices, warehouses, churches and other sizable buildings need equipment that accommodates the massive space and fluctuating usage to keep indoor climates efficiently comfortable.


Atlanta, GA Commercial HVAC Replacement

Know What’s Best for Your Business

A split-system air conditioner is standard in most commercial businesses with the condensing unit on the roof. The unit can be one large unit or several smaller units attached to an air handler that controls specific zones inside a building.

However, larger buildings and multi-story buildings experience problems with the air conditioning split-system. When running the pipe between the condenser and air handler, the distance limitations or amount of ductwork is exceeded, resulting in unmanageable ducts.

Chilled-Water Air Conditioning System

If you have a larger or multi-story building, a chilled-water air conditioning system may be a viable option. The entire system is housed on the roof or behind the building and uses chilled water to dissipate heat from an outside coil. A chilled-water system cools water between 40 and 45°F. The water is then transferred throughout piping in the building and utilized by the air handlers as needed.

If a more extensive system is needed, a cooling tower can be installed, which boosts cooling efficiency significantly inside the building. The tower creates a low-temperature stream of water that runs through the heat exchanger to cool the hot coils of the air conditioning unit. A cooling tower will boost energy savings and lowers humidity levels in certain applications.

Commercial Cooling Tower Operation

Cooling towers come in several shapes and sizes to accommodate any building, operating similarly:

  • The tower blows air through a stream so that some water evaporates.
  • The evaporation causes the stream of water to cool.
  • The water filters through a thick sheet of plastic mesh.
  • The air blowing in hits the mesh at right angles compared to the water flow.

When water is lost due to evaporation, the tower continuously adds water to the system to balance the difference.

Commercial Heating System Options

Heating a commercial space requires a quality system that offers optimal performance while keeping energy costs low. There are several options for heating your business, such as commercial heat pumps, furnaces, or boiler systems. When it’s time to invest in a heating replacement option for your building, consider the warranty of a new system, the location of your current HVAC system, and any potential tax incentives or rebates on a new system.

For the best commercial heating and cooling system for your business, contact Estes Services! Our NATE-certified technicians will assist you in discovering the best options possible to keep your energy usage low and increase your indoor air quality.