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A properly functioning residential electrical system is needed to provide adequate power in your Atlanta home, as well as keep your household safe from electrical hazards. Electrical work must meet national and local codes for safety – code violations put your family’s safety at risk and leave your home vulnerable to damage.

An electrical inspection is required to meet these legal safety standards. Our licensed electricians in Atlanta are knowledgeable regarding the current electrical codes that impact Atlanta homeowners. During electrical inspection, we thoroughly examine and evaluate your home’s electrical system, note violations and other safety hazards, and help homeowners with the needed repairs and upgrades to improve the system.

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What Is a Home Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is a complete examination of your home’s electrical system, including all wiring, circuits, and components. This inspection is performed to ensure the minimum standards per the National Electric Code and other local codes are met and that your electrical system is in safe operating condition.

A home electrical inspection includes checks of the following:

-Electrical meter, for secure installation and signs of water intrusion

-Main electrical service panel and its breakers, for signs of damage, loose connections, defective equipment, and other safety hazards

Electrical wiring, for fraying and insulation damage as well as proper installation and safe wiring types

-Circuit breakers, for proper sizing and clearance, as well as signs of damage and moisture including corrosion, oxidation, and overheating

Electrical outlets, for the presence of GFCIs in proper locations, grounding, reversed polarity, and signs of damage such as discoloration and loose switch plates

What Are the Benefits of a Home Electrical Safety Inspection?

An electrical inspection for an Atlanta home provides a homeowner with many important benefits, including:

-Protects your family’s safety

-Avoid electrical malfunctions

-Limit risk of electrical fire

-Ensure electrical code compliance

-Avoid fines for electrical code violations

-Improve electrical system efficiency

-Helps you save money on electricity costs

-Save money with early identification and correction of issues

-Identifies problems to make way for performance-improving upgrades

When Do You Need an Electrical Inspection of Your Home?

Many Atlanta homeowners wonder when or if they need electrical inspection. If you experience any of the following situations, you need an electrical inspection:

New home purchase

An electrical inspection provides verification of electrical system condition before you buy.

Selling a home

Have an electrical inspection performed early on to avoid last-minute surprises tanking a deal.

Older home

Homes built 40 or more years ago may not be up to today’s electrical standards.

Major home renovations

Ensure your electrical system is capable of accommodating the changes you wish to make and learn what upgrades may be needed.

Appliance addition

Before you install a new appliance, undergo electrical inspection to verify your electrical system is capable of powering this device without issue, or if a dedicated circuit installation or other upgrade is appropriate.

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Ensure the safety of your Atlanta home when you schedule an electrical inspection with Estes Services. Our licensed Atlanta electricians perform a thorough review of your home’s electrical system and informs you of areas in need of attention to improve safety, code compliance, electrical performance, and energy efficiency.