GPS-2400 Air Purifier

The Global Plasma Solutions 2400 Series is one of the best air purifications systems on the market today. The 2400 kills 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes. The GPS system is an HVAC contractor’s first choice for achieving extraordinary commercial indoor air quality because of its plasma technology. The 2400 injects plasma into the moving air stream to break down gases and other harmful compounds prevalent in indoor air. In addition to reducing odors and gases, this air purifying system also reduces particulates and kills viruses, bacteria and mold. Tests show the cold plasma kills 99.6% of contaminants in less than 15 minutes. These systems can fit inside any current HVAC system and can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.


How the GPS-2400 Works

This air purifying system uses bi-polar ionization – oppositely charged oxygen and hydrogen ions – to produce plasma. The plasma that is injected into the air stream breaks down gasses and odors into harmless compounds, such as oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide. The plasma also reduces and kills viruses, bacteria and mold.


  • -Allergens
  • -Bacteria
  • -Odors
  • -Mold
  • -Viruses
  • -Particulates



Neutralizes Odors, Kills Mold, Bacteria and Virus, Helps to Control Allergens* and Asthma*, Particle Reduction, Smoke Control, Ease of Installation and Service and Prevents Dirty Sock Syndrome (DSS).