Dehumidifiers in Atlanta, Georgia

For residents in Atlanta, Georgia, and the surrounding areas, a dehumidifier is necessary for those warmer months where the air is extremely moist. A dehumidifier works with your current HVAC system by drawing in air by way of the return ductwork. The moisture in the air is pulled into the dehumidifier and cooled, which then condenses the moisture in the air into water droplets, pulling it out of your home’s air supply.

Dehumidifiers are beneficial for reducing sticky and sweaty surfaces, the growth of mold and mildew, condensation on pipes, walls and ceilings, and also reducing allergies for those living in the home. Dehumidifiers help air feel cooler, allowing many homeowners to give their cooling systems a break, conserving energy and saving money.

At Estes, we give you options so you can live life comfortably.

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