Sewer Lines in Atlanta, Georgia

Dealing with sewer lines in Atlanta, Georgia, doesn’t have to be a nightmare – a trusted professional will diagnose, repair and/or replace sewer pipes with knowledge and experience.  Estes Services has been in the business of plumbing for three generations and  we are up-to-date with current industry best practices.  If you have cracked sewer lines, the repairs can not only be costly, but also can cause extensive property damage and severe health risks.

Signs You Need Your Sewer Lines Serviced

There are several distinct signs that your sewer lines need to be inspected and possibly repaired.  If you have noticed weird gurgling sounds coming from your toilets or an absence of water inside your toilet, the cause could be a sewer line issue.  Another sign is if your bathtub or showers aren’t draining fast or not draining at all.  Also, you might have noticed a sewer smell in your basement or somewhere on your property.  A final sign that is a huge indicator that sewer lines need to be checked immediately, is if there is sewage backing up into your bathtub or toilet.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

There are a few different types of pipes that are used for sewer lines – understanding the problems that each type of pipe can cause allows a professional to diagnose your issue and the specific solution required.  If you have:

Cast Iron Pipes: These can become damaged due to rust, corrosion and pipe breakdown from these elements.

Clap Pipes: These pipes usually become brittle and crack in multiple places when they are installed incorrectly.

PVC/ABS Plastic Pipes: These pipes can crack when the water pressure goes above the measured limits for materials.