Water heaters are a staple in Atlanta area homes, providing necessary hot water for all daily tasks. Tank model water heaters are available as gas or electric powered, in a range of capacities to meet the hot water demands of your household – the capacity recommended for your household will depend on the number of people in the home and water usage of your family. An Estes Services representative will discuss these factors to determine the right water heater for you. Our licensed plumbers perform skilled installation to ensure quality water heater performance. We want you to have the best options when selecting a new water heater – with a Bradford White and Rheem water heaters, trust you are purchasing one of the best in the industry. 

Estes Services offers a wide variety of water heaters including: Propane Water Heaters, Natural Gas Water Heaters and Electric Water Heaters. Depending on the fuel type you will select  between a direct vent, power vent, or atmospheric vent water heater. Contact the team at Estes Services to have your home or business water heater repaired or replaced today!

Tank Water Heaters

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