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AC Maintenance in Your Return-to-Office Plans  

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Is AC Maintenance in Your Return-to-Office Plans?

Your building occupancy rates may have changed over the past few years due to the pandemic. If so, your HVAC operations mostly likely changed as well, such as a system turning off or reducing usage for a period of time. In addition, many workers are now reluctant to return to the office and may express safety and health concerns.

That's why, as you implement your return-to-office plans; it's important to incorporate proper ac maintenance and good indoor air quality (IAQ) strategies for building comfort and safety.

Thus, in this article, our expert commercial HVAC technicians at Estes Services will share the reasons why you need AC maintenance and the HVAC strategies and solutions you can adopt to ensure good IAQ.

Return to Normal? Start with Your HVAC System

A return to normal starts with you taking a comprehensive look at your HVAC system. Yes, as you're preparing your workspace, you should also be getting your HVAC system ready with proper ac maintenance before reoccupying a building.

The "Preparing HVAC Systems Before Reoccupying A Building" article in the ASHRAE Journal states that a "thoughtful, methodical approach" is needed for preparing buildings for a return to the office, which includes a thorough inspection.

The fact of the matter is your HVAC operation has most likely shifted over the past few years from full occupancy pre-pandemic to no occupancy, reduced occupancy to full occupancy again.

There are risks associated with thinking that your commercial HVAC system is ready to return to normal again without a thorough inspection. Varying occupancies put a strain on your system, and you must ensure that it will perform as expected for comfort and safety.

Besides, poor HVAC maintenance leads to poor indoor air quality—something you do not want as a facility leader, which brings us to our next point:

Indoor Air Quality: A Top Concern for Workers

In fact, a new survey conducted by Honeywell in coordination with Wakefield Research, "which included 3,000 office workers in buildings of 500 or more," found that the majority of them considered air quality a top concern.

The survey also found that 9 out of 10 respondents prefer "regular updates on their workplace's indoor air quality." Workers are looking for more transparency about the air they breathe in workspaces.

As a result, facility leaders like you must ensure good IAQ, especially in your return-to-office plans. That's where proper HVAC inspection and maintenance come in. Indeed, proper maintenance goes hand in hand with good IAQ.

In addition to proper inspection and maintenance, there are several other HVAC strategies to consider for addressing these IAQ concerns, which we go into more detail about in the next section:

HVAC Strategies for Improving Indoor Air Quality

There are several HVAC strategies that you can employ to improve indoor air quality, including

having an inspection performed;

subscribing to a regular maintenance plan;

installing high-efficiency filters; and

adopting IAQ technologies for your workspace.

In coordination with a licensed and trained commercial HVAC professional, you may decide to adopt all or some of these HVAC strategies for a healthier indoor environment.

Have an Inspection Performed — If your HVAC systems have shifted in any way over the past months or years, then you need to ensure comfort, safety, and health through a proper inspection by a licensed and trained commercial HVAC technician like at Estes Services.

Enroll in a Maintenance Membership Plan — Your commercial HVAC system is one of your facility's most important assets for building health and safety. A commercial HVAC maintenance membership plan helps ensure that your equipment is well-maintained and keeps occupants comfortable year-round.

Our commercial HVAC maintenance members at Estes Services receive comprehensive maintenance checks throughout the year and expert and personalized recommendations for the unique characteristics of their building, including, for instance, filter selection and changeout, system sensor calibration maintenance, and building automation system maintenance.

Install Higher-Efficiency Filters — Installing higher-efficiency filters, like HEPA filters, can help trap smaller contaminants in the indoor air your building occupants breathe. Improving air filtration with this strategy is generally recommended for return-to-office plans; however, you should schedule a consultation with a commercial HVAC expert to select the right filter for your system.

Perform Air Quality Testing — It's important to know the current state of your indoor air quality. That's why we can perform air quality testing, review the results with your facilities team, and make product recommendations based on those findings.

Adopt IAQ Technologies — There are different types of air quality products and technologies to choose from, including air purifiers, air cleaners, and building automation systems. All of which we can help you with at Estes Services.

Air Purifiers & Cleaners — Estes Services installs commercial-grade air purifiers and cleaners for office spaces in the greater Atlanta area.

You can choose from two air purification systems that we install: a UV light air purification system and/or a plasma cleaner.

You can install these products to capture most of the pollen, mold, particles, and germs found in the office air.

Building Automation Systems — Smart building automation systems can monitor your indoor air quality, and you can set thresholds for particular rooms or floors if unacceptable air quality levels are reached.

Estes Services can help you choose, select, and employ the right HVAC strategies for your building. We take your office ac maintenance and indoor air quality seriously.

Ensure Safer Indoor Environment with Estes Services

In this article, we have covered why and how to include ac maintenance in your return-to-office plans.

Most importantly, each building has unique HVAC operations, so in order to determine the best HVAC strategies in your return-to-office plans, it's best to consult with our commercial HVAC experts at Estes Services.

Your building's comfort and safety are important to us. Since 1949, we have been delivering comfort, safety, and efficiency with top-quality service. It's our goal to help you achieve a healthier indoor air environment in your return-to-office plans.

We are happy to offer free consultations and second opinions to the greater Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, Buckhead, Decatur, Druid Hills, Dunwoody, Fayetteville, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Marietta, Midtown, Peachtree City, Roswell, Sandy Springs, and Virginia Highland.

From commercial HVAC installations to indoor air quality improvements, we are the locally-owned and operated Atlanta HVAC family business you can trust.

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