Adulting 101 – Plumbing Care

Adulting 101 – Plumbing Care

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First-time homeowners will deal with a lot of issues with their new home, including their plumbing system. Understanding plumbing care and knowing when to call a plumber can be intimidating for new owners.

Don’t hesitate to call the plumbing professionals at Estes Services if you come across a problem with your plumbing. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service, which will ensure your home’s plumbing will run freely in no time!

Here are a few plumbing care tips to help you in your new home…

Plumbing Care Necessities

Schedule a plumbing inspection either before you buy a new home or soon after. An inspection will notify you of any existing or potential problems within the plumbing system. Estes Services offers plumbing inspections, and our licensed professionals will let you know if a problem is found and if action is required immediately to fix the issue.

Knowing what needs to be replaced now will help you form a budget to deal with your plumbing system. Estes Services has been in the business since 1949, which means we have experienced every type of plumbing issue possible. Our licensed and insured plumbers will ensure you have fast service and experience professionalism and friendliness every step of the way.

Everyday Plumbing Care

There are several plumbing care tips to prepare you for your new home and its plumbing system. Start by locating the main water shut-off valve. If a plumbing emergency occurs, the shut-off valve is important to stop the source of water leaking in your home. Knowing the valve location will save you from expensive water damage repairs in the future. The valve is typically located in the basement or crawl space below your house.

If you notice a clog is forming, do not use liquid drain cleaner to flush the line. Liquid drain cleaner can damage your pipes, causing you to replace the pipes before they need it. Use a snake to clear a clog or call Estes Services to remove the clog and perform drain cleaning services. Clean your shower drain and avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down your toilet to reduce the risk of a clog in the future.

Pipes outside are susceptible to freezing without properly winterizing them before the cold hits – even in Atlanta. Call Estes Services to have your plumbing system prepared for winter and reduce the chance of burst pipes in your home. Water frozen in pipes can crack the pipe, and when the water melts, it begins to seep through the cracks.

Know the ins and outs of your new home’s plumbing system. We want you to know what proper plumbing care is and when you need help tackling a plumbing issue. Call Estes Services for a plumbing inspection, drain cleaning, or other plumbing service request.