Ask a Plumber – Dishwasher Rust, Leaks, Water

Ask a Plumber – Dishwasher Rust, Leaks, Water

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Minor Annoyances Which May Indicate Bigger Problems

It’s important to keep your dishwasher functional and clean. Unfortunately, there are countless things dishwasher plumbing issues affect, including the sink and flooring. Ignoring dishwasher malfunctions can make things a lot worse. Know when to call a plumber and when to call a dishwasher repairman.

Rust in Your Dishwasher

If you notice rust stains on the interior tub of your dishwasher or on your freshly cleaned dishes, something is wrong. The rust markings are related to the water supply in your home.

Rust in your dishwasher suggests you need to contact an Estes Services plumber. Rust indicates iron buildup in your water supply lines and can potentially invade your drinking water.

A licensed plumber will perform an inspection of your water supply lines to determine the extent of the sediment buildup. Your Estes plumber can help correct the initial cause of the rust and install a water filtration system.

Leaks in Your Dishwasher

If you notice your dishwasher is leaking, there are a few reasons. Clogged kitchen sink drain lines are the first and easiest problem to fix. Your dishwasher discharge hose connects to the sink drain.

Depending on where the discharge hose is connected to the drain, potential leaks are bound to happen. Stop using your dishwasher or sink until our plumbers have assessed the situation and created a leak repair recommendation.

If the leak is under the dishwasher where the water supply line is, turn off the water supply to the appliance and call an Estes Services plumber immediately.

Sometimes a dishwasher leaks only when it is running. If this is the case, you need to contact a dishwasher repairman to fix it. Be advised, it can be less expensive to replace the dishwasher if the leak is due to a faulty seal.

Dishwasher Not Draining

If your dishwasher isn’t fully draining after a load, the issue may not require a plumber’s help. Check these common reasons first before you contact an Estes Services plumber:

  • Is the dishwasher door closed and latched?
  • Did the cycle complete?
  • Is the electrical switch for your dishwasher’s electrical outlet off?
  • Any kinks, clogs or damage to the dishwasher drain hose?
  • Are there clogs in the garbage disposal or drain?

Ready to Call a Professional Plumber?

Call us or submit a form online and we will send a licensed plumber to assist you in diagnosing the problem with water or drainage issues.

Contact Estes Services to schedule service with our professional and friendly plumbers so the water lines to and from your dishwasher perform for you.