Bathroom Remodel Advice in Toilets, Faucets

Bathroom Remodel Advice in Toilets, Faucets

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For Bathroom Updates, Ask a Plumber For Help

A professional plumber has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to toilets and faucets. Remodeling a bathroom is a massive project and it can quickly become a headache.

Consult Estes Services for your bathroom renovation and let us make it easy. Let’s review some current bathroom remodeling trends and how our plumbers can help you achieve your dream bathroom.

New Toilets Installation 

Not all toilets are created equal, which means not just anyone will fit in the space you want. If you are keeping the toilet in the same place, our plumbers will suggest the size you need to fill the space.

If your current toilet was too large or small for the current space, we will guide you to select a better choice. Also, asking a plumber for help to replace toilets will reduce the chance of a plumbing leak later.

Besides the size, consider the bowl shape and style for your newly remodeled space. You have the option of choosing between round or elongated bowls. Elongated toilets provide more comfort and round bowls take up less room. The next option in toilets is whether you want a two-piece, one-piece or wall-hung toilet.

A two-piece toilet means the tank and bowl are separate. These are the most common type of toilet. They are typically more economical and replacement parts are easy to find. One-piece toilets have the bowl and tank as one seamless unit.

They save space and are easier to clean with no hard-to-clean crevices. Wall-hung toilets mount directly to the wall and eliminate the need for a toilet base. Ideal for those using wheelchairs or mobility issues, these do tend to cost more.

The mounting wall has to be thicker and the drain has to be on the wall. Wall-hung toilets are easy to clean underneath when there is nothing to support it at the floor.

Running Water with New Faucets

Faucets come in a variety of shapes and finishes, which often makes deciding on what you want overwhelming. There are even faucets which promote interactivity and water conservation.

Things to consider before buying new faucets include whether you are using an existing sink or purchasing a new one. Seeking help from our plumbing experts will help make faucets replacements quick and easy!

Our plumbers will inspect your current sink and the lines underneath to determine if the existing sink can be used. We will look for any potential problems with your sink, including leaks in the plumbing lines traveling up to your sink and current faucet. If you are replacing the sink and faucet, we will help you install the new setup and prevent plumbing leaks during the remodeling.  

Don’t hesitate to ask for help when it comes to your bathroom remodeling project. Our licensed plumbers will help you determine which toilet and faucet are best for your current space and suggest options to promote functionality in the available space. Contact Estes Services today for assistance from our plumbers.