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Are you experiencing an electrical emergency in Atlanta? Residential electrical emergencies can risk your comfort and safety if left unattended. If you think you have an electrical emergency, leave it to the pros at Estes Services. Our electrical services team is licensed, trained, and certified to assist you in any electrical emergencies, whether it's a hazard, power loss, or faulty equipment.

What Are Some Common Electrical Emergencies?

There are several different types of electrical emergencies to know about. Here are five common emergencies:

Power Outage. Estes Services may help you

1) Power Outage — A power outage is considered an electrical emergency. Sitting in the dark for any amount of time can be hazardous, uncomfortable, and costly.

First, it can be due to a bad storm that downs a power line. In this scenario, it is important to switch your HVAC system off, so it is not impacted by a power surge if and when your electricity returns.

Second, you could have a problem with your circuit breaker, such as the breaker being overloaded or having faulty wiring, which is causing the power outage issue. But a power outage isn't the only electrical emergency that could be possible from a circuit breaker that's overloaded or has faulty wiring. There's also an electrical fire emergency.

Electrical wiring and wires are lit on a dark background. A short circuit in the twisted wires from the computer. Flames, sparks and smoke. Estes Electrical Services in Atlanta

2) Electrical Fire — Yes, overloaded circuit breakers and faulty wiring can lead to electrical fires. These type of fires can be very dangerous. You should seek immediate action now if you see any signs of an electrical fire in your home.

3) Burnt Outlets — Burnt outlets can be considered an emergency. In fact, if you see signs of smoke or burn marks, do not touch the outlet. You can potentially get shocked from a burnt outlet. A licensed and trained electrician will need to properly repair your burnt outlets. Do not attempt to do this yourself.

A broken microwave. A problem with household appliances. Repair. Estes Electrical Services in Metro Atlanta Area

4) Electrical Shock — If a person touches live electrical components, he or she can experience an electrical shock, which can be from a faulty appliance, wiring issues, and/or unsafe electrical care. This is undoubtedly an electrical emergency. Immediate action should be taken to prevent any further harm.

5) Exposed Wires — We have mentioned electrical fires and electrical shocks both being classified as emergencies. It makes sense to now mention the fact that exposed wires or cables can be the cause of both of these emergencies.

Short circuit faults burnt consumer unit.Electricity short circuit, Electric control cabinet. Estes Electrical Services

6) Noisy Breaker Box — Is your circuit breaker buzzing more than it usually does? If you hear unusual noises coming from your circuit breaker, such as crackling, buzzing, and/or sizzling, you could have an emergency situation. If the noise is accompanied by a spark, this is also dangerous as you could have an electrical arc, in which the electric current jumps from one connection to another.

What Are the Warning Signs of Electrical Emergencies?

There are several common warning signs that can indicate an electrical emergency, including the following:

Burning odors

Damaged wiring

Flickering lights

Circuit breaker tripping

Outdated electrical panel

Lack of maintenance

How Can You Prevent Electrical Emergencies?

You can take reasonable steps to prevent electrical emergencies, and it starts with partnering with a reputable Atlanta electrician. Factors you should consider include their qualifications; reputation; experience; and maintenance membership plans available.

The right electrician can help you with just about any emergency repair. In addition, they can recommend best practices to help you prevent future emergencies and other hazards like electrical hazards. Some of these recommended practices may include taking care of your appliances, not overloading your outlets, and choosing premium products.

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When you are faced with the unknown in terms of your electrical system, it is best to rely on a licensed and trained Atlanta emergency electrician.

Do not put yourself at risk by attempting a do-it-yourself repair for any electrical. Leave it to the pros—the pros at Estes Services. Since 1949, we have been proudly serving the greater Atlanta area for all home comfort needs. It's that Easy; It's Estes!

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