How to Identify a Bathroom Plumbing Leak

How to Identify a Bathroom Plumbing Leak

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Have you noticed strong mold smells in your bathroom lately? Is there water pooled around your toilet or under your sink? Mold and pooled water are major signs you have a leak somewhere in your bathroom. If you have a toilet, shower, or sink leak, call Estes Services for professional help. Our plumbing experts have experienced every type of leak in the business and will get your bathroom plumbing running smoothly, quickly!

Identify a Toilet Leak

Toilet leaks usually occur in three areas:

  • The supply tube connection: The supply tube could have sprung a leak anywhere along the tube. Make sure you check it carefully, including where it connects to the toilet tank and the connection to the wall.
  • The wax seal: An indicator that your toilet leak is coming from the wax seal is if there is a pool of water surrounding the toilet. Another sign is if the room is dry, but the ceiling below the bathroom leaks. Unfortunately, a toilet leak from a wax seal requires replacement. You will have to call Estes Services and have a plumbing professional come out to install a new wax ring and t-bolts.
  • The bowl-tank connection: This is the most common type of toilet leak. If you notice a steady drip or stream from the tank to the bowl, you have a bowl-tank connection leak.

Identify a Shower Leak

A shower leak can cause massive damage to your home. There are a few signs indicating you have a shower leak, such as:

  • Peeling paint on your walls or ceiling
  • Musty smells in your bathroom and possibly strongest in the shower
  • Seals are black or moldy
  • Cracks in your shower tiles or cracks/holes in the grout

Identify a Sink Leak

You might have a sink leak if you notice these common issues with your sink:

  • A leak between the threads of the drain pipe
  • The rubber sealing washer or o-ring is too tight and leaking
  • The nut on your pipe may not be tight enough, and water is leaking through
  • The drain pipe is off center, preventing a tight seal
  • The drain pipe is cracked, and water is leaking from the crack

Stop bathroom leaks in your home by watching for signs a leak is present. Schedule service with Estes Services and our knowledgeable plumbers will fix the leaks quickly. We can also inspect your drains for clogs while fixing the leak, to prevent future repairs.