How to Use HVAC to Prevent Mold in Your Atlanta Business

How to Use HVAC to Prevent Mold in Your Atlanta Business

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High humidity levels in Atlanta lead to an increased risk of mold development. If your Atlanta-area business produces humidity through production, this risk is even greater. Your commercial HVAC system is one tool to safeguard your facility against mold. Estes Commercial has the solutions your business needs to keep mold away.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC), warm, humid conditions facilitate mold growth. If this sounds like the environment inside your Atlanta business facility, take immediate action.

How Could Businesses Use Commerical HVAC to Fight Mold?

Is your commercial HVAC system running at full capacity with best energy efficiency? A commercial HVAC system tune-up performed by Estes Services helps your equipment operate at optimal levels. When your HVAC system is tuned up, it performs better. Your cooling equipment also does a better job removing moisture from the air.

Now is the right time to schedule commercial HVAC preventative maintenance services for your facility. Estes Commercial schedules your tune-up, arrives on-time at your facility and performs all necessary evaluations. Qualified technicians service your system to run at optimal performance and efficiency levels.

It's incredible the various pathogens found within stagnant water within condensate pans, drain lines and other areas. These airborne particles can easily sicken occupants of the building. For regular occupants, this easily produces symptoms of "sick building syndrome" or worse.

Managers of healthcare, schools or assisted living facilities must be especially diligent to maintain high air quality. Failure to maintain or clean commercial HVAC components more easily impacts these especially vulnerable populations.

Commercial Dehumidification

If your business operations produce extra moisture, dehumidification for your commercial HVAC system is a must. The added moisture in your air accumulates within your facility and creates an ideal environment for mold growth.

Dehumidification systems work with commercial HVAC equipment to remove excess moisture from the indoor air supply. Air cycles into the dehumidifier where it is cooled for moisture removal. It then moves on to your HVAC systems for conditioning, and into your workplace.

Commercial dehumidification systems keep indoor environments set with ideal relative humidity levels. In addition to mold protection, a dehumidifier improves comfort for workers.

It also allows for higher temperatures indoors during warmer weather without negative effects. Because of this slight temperature setback, Atlanta facilities noticeably cut cooling costs.

These systems are extremely low maintenance. Whole-facility dehumidification systems are installed with dedicated drain lines, so there is no need to empty a reservoir. Your facility benefits from nearly effortless humidity control throughout the year.

UV Air Cleaning

Mold spores are able to travel through circulating air in your business's facility. When mold grows, the HVAC system can actually spread it to other areas. Treat mold with your HVAC system through the use of UV air cleaners.

UV air cleaners are installed within your commercial HVAC system. They treat air as it circulates. As mold, mildew, viruses and bacteria pass by, the UV lights neutralize these particles. Therefore, mold cannot reproduce and spread through your facility via the air supply, nor will it grow within the dark, moist natural environment of the HVAC system.

UV air cleaners for commercial HVAC systems are low maintenance with low operational costs. They consume very little energy. Their usage, therefore, barely makes a difference in your energy budget. Depending on the model used, UV lights in the air cleaner only need replacement every one to three years.

Conclusion: Prevent Mold in Your HVAC System with Experienced Help from Estes Commercial

Estes Commercial offers many several commercial HVAC solutions for Atlanta area business owners. These with indoor air quality solutions keep mold risks at a minimum. Learn what your facility should do to eliminate the risk of mold.

We happily offer free second opinions and estimates. For preventative maintenance, we can customize a plan just for your commercial property. Why? Because a one-size-fits-all reduces the chance of your success.

We serve commercial HVAC clients in communities like Kennesaw, Roswell, Dunwoody, Peachtree City, Johns Creek, Sandy Springs, Buckhead, Marietta and more. So, when you're ready, contact Estes Commercial today.