How Your Commercial HVAC System Can Increase Workplace Productivity

How Your Commercial HVAC System Can Increase Workplace Productivity

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With summer rapidly approaching, you may be worried about employee productivity losses as temperatures heat up. If your office, shop, storefront, or other type of commercial facility becomes hot and stuffy during the hot season, your employees suffer without the comfortable environment needed to perform at their best. Commercial HVAC services provide your facility with a more comfortable, controlled indoor environment with an important benefit you may not expect: it will increase workplace productivity.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Improves System Performance

Estes Services tailors commercial HVAC maintenance to the specific needs of your facility and comfort equipment. When maintenance services are completed in the spring, a building’s commercial air conditioner starts out the summer season in peak condition and at maximum energy efficiency.

Some of the key steps to a commercial HVAC maintenance tune up include:

  • Cleaning of coils, condensate drains, blowers, and other components
  • Lubricating motors and bearings
  • Replacing filters
  • Measuring refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting refrigerant system for leakage
  • Testing of electrical connections
  • Verifying operation of safety controls
  • Measuring airflow and pressure
  • Running system diagnostics

Why are these steps so important?

  • Wear and tear sustained over the previous cooling season through normal usage is remedied so it does not hinder system operation going forward.
  • System flaws are identified and corrected prior to the start of cooling season to eliminate the possibility of malfunctions growing in severity, which can cause breakdowns and cooling outages over the coming operating season.
  • Critical components are inspected, and their performance verified to ensure your cooling equipment is able to serve your facility with reliability.

Regular maintenance service for commercial cooling systems produces money-saving benefits that business owners value, lowering energy expenses through efficiency improvements, reducing surprise repair needs and associated costs, and keeping equipment in service longer to maximize return on investment related to equipment purchases.

Yet, beyond these cost savings, is the service’s ability to increase workplace productivity, which carries a benefit which may be even more valuable to your business.

Use Your Commercial HVAC to Improve Workplace Productivity

A well-maintained commercial air conditioning system provides precision environmental control inside a building. By maintaining a comfortable, consistent indoor temperature, businesses increase productivity by providing employees an environment that facilitates individual peak performance. For office environments, the ideal temperature peaks at 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Employee productivity losses appear when indoor temperatures climb above this point.

Commercial HVAC system maintenance reduces instances of equipment breakdowns over the season that leaves buildings without needed cooling. When indoor environmental conditions vary due to HVAC performance issues, there is no way to increase workplace productivity – alternatively, worker productivity declines as temperatures fluctuate, creating greater disruption. Depending on outdoor conditions, a loss of cooling can force a building to close not only due to discomfort, but safety risks. Hours or even days spent waiting for repairs to be made result in total productivity losses.

Commercial HVAC maintenance also benefits a building environment by providing better indoor air quality. With better ventilation, improved fresh air exchange, and consistent contaminant and humidity control, commercial HVAC systems increase workplace productivity through better performance as well as reduced absenteeism.

Commercial HVAC Services from Estes Commercial

If you wish to increase workplace productivity at your Atlanta area facility, turn to Estes Commercial for the commercial heating and cooling services needed to improve your building’s indoor environment. Request a consultation today and learn how our services can help your business excel.