Is Your Water Running? Catch the Plumbing Leak Now!

Is Your Water Running? Catch the Plumbing Leak Now!

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Of all the ways to save money, your water bill can be the easiest. A plumbing leak in your home can cost you more than you realize. On average when a leak occurs, it wastes up to 2,700 gallons per year if it goes unrepaired. Estes Services knows how to find those pesky and sometimes hard to find leaks in your home. Below are some suggestions for preventing leaks in the future by being observant and calling a plumbing professional.



Keep an Eye Out

Take a look at any visible plumbing lines showing in your home. You usually can tell if something is wrong. By doing a routine check of your plumbing, you can save yourself a headache and the expense of damage done by a plumbing leak. If you notice rust, buckling pipes or drops of water coming off a pipe, a plumbing leak is probably the cause.

Many times, homeowners collect a number of items underneath a bathroom or kitchen sink. With so much stuck in one small area, it’s easy to not see an existing plumbing leak. Routinely move things around and look at the pipes underneath your faucets. If you notice soggy material or water standing, a plumbing leak is present.

Plumbing Leak with Your Water Heater

A leaky water heater is a major problem, especially when the lining wears away. Consult with an Estes Services plumbing immediately if you notice water leaking from your water heater tank. The water heater might still be under warranty and even if it’s not, catching the plumbing leak early will indicate if your water heater needs replaced.

Corrosion is the Cause

Plumbing systems age just like any other material possession. With old plumbing, rust and other corrosive substances form on your pipes. The corrosion eats away at your pipes, causing a plumbing leak to occur. If you notice any warping on your pipes or discoloration, call Estes Services for professional help. We will assess the damage and replace the compromised pipes.

Broken Seals and Damaged Pipe Joints

A plumbing leak due to a bad gasket or broken seal can occur at any time. If you notice condensation on or around your appliances, a seal has broken and a call to your friendly neighborhood plumber, Estes Services, is your best option.

Damaged pipe joints are another cause of plumbing leaks. The joints are the weakest point, and they deteriorate over time. Pipe joints aren’t always visible, which means you might have a plumbing leak due to a bad joint and not even realize it. Schedule a whole house plumbing inspection at least once a year to prevent surprise leaks.

Too Much Water Pressure

While everyone loves the feel of high water pressure, uneven or excessive pressure puts unnecessary strain on your pipes. If you think your pressure might be a problem, contact Estes Services to have your water pressure measured. We will ensure the pressure running through your plumbing is sufficient and won’t cause a plumbing leak in the future.

Just because you don’t know much about plumbing, doesn’t mean you can’t help prevent damage from a plumbing leak. Being vigilant of any visible pipes and checking them regularly will save you in the end. The plumbing in your home is complex and requires training and knowledge to diagnose a plumbing leak. Call Estes Services for assistance with all your plumbing leaks.