Light Fixture Installation: When You Need a Pro

Light Fixture Installation: When You Need a Pro

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Light fixture installation has the ability to transform living spaces within your Atlanta area home, adding improved functionality to the space as well as the desired ambiance. New fixtures are added for many reasons, from enhanced safety to pure aesthetics. Whatever the reason behind your light fixture installation project, make sure it is completed safely and correctly.

When it comes to a project such as installing a light or any other electrical task, most homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia, elect to hire a qualified electrician for the job. While there are certain situations where DIY is doable, if there is any doubt, err on the safe side, and call Estes Services for electrical services, including professional lighting installation.

Do I Need a Pro to Install My New Light Fixture?

Anytime electricity is involved, there is a higher level of risk and danger at play than with many other household do-it-yourself jobs. Electrical accidents can be deadly. To perform light fixture installation safely, a homeowner needs to possess certain knowledge and skills. 

Before attempting to install a new lighting fixture at home, carefully consider these points and make sure you are up to the task.

  • Do you have a good working knowledge of a home’s electrical system, wiring and connections? 
  • Does your new lighting fixture include all the mounting materials needed for installation?
  • Are their clear instructions included for installation of the lighting fixture?
  • Do you know which specialized tools are required to perform the installation, do you have these tools and do you know how to use them properly?
  • Are you capable of performing complex electrical work that may be needed to accommodate the new fixture installation, such as wiring in new fixtures, rerouting wires, etc.?

If installation is out of your realm of knowledge or comfort zone, Estes Services is here to help – contact us to request an estimate for the completion of your project. The cost of professional services is well worth it where your safety is concerned.

Light Fixture Installation Projects

Atlanta homeowners hire electricians to complete many different types of light fixture installation projects. From simply swapping out fixtures for a modern replacement to completely new lighting systems for your home, your Atlanta electricians do it all! Estes Services completes lighting installations including:

  • Indoor LED and Incandescent Lighting Installation: Your choice of bulb has the power to enhance energy efficiency and generate energy savings while producing the desired lighting effects.
  • Recessed Lighting Installation: Recessed lights offer an even, soft layer of lighting for your living spaces while creating the look of more space through wall washing. Without the clunky appearance of mounted fixtures, recessed lighting cannisters produce a clear, unobstructed view of the area.
  • Accent Lighting Installation: Accent lighting fixtures and track lights are installed to draw attention to specific areas of a space through the use of targeted light. Whether it be wall art or architectural features, light them up with creative fixture use.
  • Overhead Light Fixture Installation: Add overhead lighting to create a range of options for lighting a room. Add focal points through decorative fixture options and focused lighting to specific areas, for function or fashion.
  • Security Lighting Installation: Improve the accessibility of your outdoor areas by lighting them up with security lighting options that provide added protection. Boost visibility across your property, or add targeted safety lighting solutions such as walkway or driveway lights.
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation: Don’t let the beauty of your home’s architectural features go dormant after dark – structural lighting fixtures help Atlanta homeowners show off their homes with subtle, targeted lighting.
  • Landscape Lighting Installation: The same goes for the landscaping you’ve worked so hard on – don’t hide it, show it off all day long with landscape lighting solutions! Light one feature or many with durable, weather-resistant light fixtures.

Lighting Installation by Estes Services

New light fixture installation can be truly transformative – achieve the desired effects when you hire a licensed electrician to complete your lighting project. Estes Services’ qualified electricians perform safe and effective installation services of new lighting fixtures for all types of applications and uses – contact us today to learn more.