P-traps, What to Watch Out For Other Than Peas

P-traps, What to Watch Out For Other Than Peas

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Kitchen plumbing and bathroom plumbing can be overwhelming when you don’t know what to look for. One of the biggest components of your home’s plumbing is something called the p-trap. This p-trap is extremely important to your plumbing needs. It provides a barrier between you and the sewage smells that can filter back into your home. Estes Services wants to help you with your p-trap problems and eliminate any dangerous smells that could compromise your family’s health.

What is a P-trap?

P-traps are installed under sinks in kitchens and bathrooms. It is a plumbing fixture that serves many purposes. P-traps catch debris that washes down the drain, preventing clogs deep within your plumbing system. They also prevent sewer gases from coming into your home. PVC pipes or steel pipes are the most commonly installed p-traps in residential homes. Kitchen plumbing tends to use steel since it is more attractive in appearance.

Common P-trap Problems

When p-traps aren’t properly installed, they can become damaged and leak toxic sewer smells into your home. Below are common p-trap problems you can run into:

  • Dry p-traps occur when the trap or interceptor has lost its water seal, allowing sewer gases to build back up through the drain and into your home.
  • Leaky p-traps can start as something small and turn into something much bigger if the leak isn’t fixed right away. The leak can lead to a clogged drain and cause smells to back up inside your home.
  • Smelly p-traps happen when sewer gases have backed up into your house through the drain. These gases can be extremely toxic for families if the issue isn’t fixed immediately. Methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide are common gases that are emitted by your sewage system.
  • Clogged p-traps are the product of a slow-running drain. Clogged p-traps that go unchecked cause leaks and produce smells.

Replacing a P-trap

If you don’t have prior knowledge with plumbing, you should call a professional to see exactly what is wrong with your p-trap. A professional can check the situation to determine exactly what your plumbing needs are. There could be more wrong than just your p-trap and doing it yourself can lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

Call a professional to have your bathroom and kitchen plumbing checked for any of these p-trap problems. Schedule a service call with Estes Services to replace a p-trap or other plumbing needs.