Plumber Tips for Kitchen Sinks

Plumber Tips for Kitchen Sinks

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Problems with plumbing can make a homeowner want to run for the hills. Calling a professional is often the best way to clear the path for efficient plumbing systems. However, occasionally a homeowner can identify and solve some issues on their own. If you do have to call a plumber, Estes Services provides professional help to homeowners when nothing works, and guests are coming.

Common Kitchen Sink Problems A Plumber Sees

Low water pressure

When a homeowner turns on the kitchen faucet, and there is a low stream of water, this indicates low water pressure. One cause of low water pressure might be a clogged aerator. The aerator is located at the tip of the faucet.

It adds air to the water, creates better water flow, and reduces water consumption. Calcium build-up and excessive water minerals can clog an aerator. To fix a clogged aerator, unscrew the tip of the faucet, remove the aerator and soak it in white vinegar for about 6 hours. Clean the vinegar off and reinstall the aerator.

Several other causes of low water pressure include pressure issues in the line or lines clogged with debris. However, these problems require specialized knowledge and tools to fix, which only come with a licensed plumber.

If clearing the aerator out doesn’t work, contact Estes Services to schedule plumbing services.

Leaky kitchen faucet

A leaky kitchen faucet usually results from long-term use. First, you need to find the origin of the leak. If the leak is near the spout’s base, the faucet needs a new O ring. Remember to turn off the water before removing the O ring.

If you are unsure how to remove and replace the O ring, call a plumber at Estes Services.

Clogged kitchen sink

When water won’t drain from the kitchen sink the most common cause is a clogged P-trap. A P-trap is a bend in the pipe under the sink shaped like a “P.” The P-trap keeps sewage gases and unpleasant smells from entering the kitchen.

Sometimes soap and grease get caught in the bend of the pipe. To clean out the P-trap, put a bucket under the trap to catch any water or obstructions in the pipe. Next, loosen the slip nuts with a small pipe wrench and clean out the pipe. Replace the pipe when finished.

If this doesn’t unclog the drain, calling a plumber might be your best option. Sewage gases can indicate a more serious problem than just a clogged P-trap. Keep your family safe from these gases and contact a plumber at Estes Services.

Clogged drain lines

Food pieces build up in the lines under the sink. This debris can be caused by pouring grease and food particles down the sink or not washing out garbage disposal remains properly.

Using a chemical cleaner can be hazardous to the durability of your pipes. Therefore, contact a plumber if the line doesn’t naturally clear to avoid corrosion in your lines from chemical cleaners.

Need a Plumber? Call Estes Services in Atlanta

Plumbers at Estes Services are certified professionals who can meet all your plumbing needs, including kitchen sink disasters. So call Estes Services today for help with plumbing issues anywhere in your home.