Preparing Your Commercial Air Conditioner After Winter

Preparing Your Commercial Air Conditioner After Winter

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Spring has arrived in Atlanta, bringing the warmth and sunny weather we’ve all been waiting for! Your facility’s air conditioning system has sat dormant for several months now, but soon will be called upon to keep your place of business comfortable and safe through fall. Make sure your commercial air conditioner is ready for spring by taking steps to prepare your system after a long period of inactivity.

Steps to Take Before Starting Your Commercial Air Conditioner in the Spring

Before it’s time to cool your building, the facility’s cooling equipment needs some care to ensure it operates as expected and is at its best over the coming months. Prior to starting your commercial air conditioning system this year, make sure your facility’s maintenance team takes care of these critical tasks.

1. Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance Tune Up

In addition to the maintenance tasks your team completes throughout the year, commercial heating and cooling equipment needs to be professionally serviced on an annual basis. It is recommended to have your cooling system tuned up prior to turning it on for the first time in the spring. During a maintenance tune up, a licensed HVAC technician delivers the specialized service your unit requires to operate reliably and minimize energy waste, which also reduces the risk of breakdowns over the coming cooling season.

Schedule your commercial HVAC preventative maintenance tune up with Estes Commercial today. Make sure your commercial facility’s heating and cooling equipment receives the professional care it requires throughout the year with an HVAC service agreement, customized around your business’ unique needs.

2. Change Air Filters

To ensure good indoor air quality and improve energy efficiency upon commercial air conditioner startup, replace all air filters throughout the system ahead of time. Over the winter months, filters collect contaminants circulating within the building’s air supply and are likely due for maintenance. Depending on your commercial HVAC system, filters may need to be replaced or cleaned. Allocate time to address this maintenance task now.

3. Clean Equipment Components

Over the past several months, your facility’s outdoor cooling equipment has been exposed to the elements while sitting dormant. Before starting your commercial air conditioner in the spring, the outdoor condenser or heat pump should be inspected and cleaned. Remove debris that are blocking vents and fins, such as leaves, sticks, grass clippings, and weed growth. Doing so removes air flow blockages so the equipment can freely exchange heat to cool your building. 

It’s also a good time to address any potential hazards that could cause damage to these components during spring storms. Trim nearby branches, ensure overhead gutters are firmly affixed to the roofline and properly pitched, and remove any outdoor items stored in the immediate vicinity of the outdoor unit.

4. Adjust Thermostat Programs

Many Atlanta commercial facilities have incorporated building automation systems to improve energy efficiency. Whether your business is equipped with an advanced automation system or you utilize smaller scale solutions like programmable thermostats, temperature and operating schedules need to be adjusted for cooling before turning the system on for the first time.

Reset temperature schedules for efficient cooling across your facility. Evaluate your business’ operating schedule to set appropriate schedules for temperature changes around daily activity. Determine if there are areas of the building that will not be used during the coming months, and restrict cooling in these areas to conserve energy while avoiding potential moisture issues caused by summertime humidity.

5. Address Repair Needs

If there are known issues with the performance of your commercial HVAC systems, now is the time to address them. Issues that present themselves at the end of the season are often put off until the next year, yet over that time it is easy to forget about these concerns. 

Review equipment logs and notes to determine if repair service is needed, and schedule a time for a professional HVAC technician to perform needed repairs now. Commercial maintenance tune ups also provide an opportunity for malfunctions and faulty components to be caught and corrected prior to commercial air conditioner startup.

Prepare for Cooling Season with Estes Commercial

Estes Commercial helps your Atlanta business prepare your facility’s air conditioner for the spring and summer season ahead through advanced commercial HVAC maintenance services and repairs when needed. Ensure your building’s comfort systems are ready for the cooling season when you contact us today to schedule maintenance or HVAC repair services.