Reduce Your Air Conditioner’s Carbon Footprint at Work

Reduce Your Air Conditioner’s Carbon Footprint at Work

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Earth Day is April 22 – What Can You Do

Earth Day is right around the corner – what is your office doing to be more environmentally friendly? With approximately 35 percent of your business’s energy consumption dedicated to space heating and cooling, your air conditioner is an excellent place to start this season. Estes Commercial has some easy to execute tips to help you improve the energy efficiency of your cooling system, enhance the health of your indoor environment, and cut energy bills as well.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

Allergies are prevalent in spring – keep everyone indoors, both employees and customers, feeling more comfortable by upgrading your air conditioner’s filter. Instead of standard disposable filters with poor efficiency, consider switching to a filter with a MERV rating of 8 or above. These filters are more effective for trapping common allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold and dander.

In addition to upgrading your filter for health benefits, make regular filter changes part of your business’s maintenance plan. Check the guidelines provided by the filter manufacturer of how often it should be changed (most filters with MERV ratings of 8 or above need changing every 3 months or even less frequently, depending on the filter). Changing the air conditioner’s filter on a regular basis improves air flow through the system, preventing excess energy draw because your system does not have to work harder to force air through a clogged filter.

Invest in Air Conditioner Maintenance

Spring is the ideal time to have your commercial air conditioner professionally maintained by the NATE-certified technicians at Estes Commercial. A preventative maintenance tune-up reduces inefficiencies caused by wear and tear as well as malfunctioning components and dirt, helping your cooling system operate at peak performance throughout the spring, summer and fall. By eliminating wear and tear and buildup within the system, essential components perform without added stress, so they do not draw as much energy – maintenance will help you lower your energy expenses while protecting your air conditioner and its components.

Automation Controls for Air Conditioners

Eliminate human error and resulting waste by pairing your commercial air conditioner with automation controls. Estes Commercial will design a custom building automation solution to control heating and cooling use based on the occupancy schedules, operations and other needs of your business. Temperature schedules are programmed to reduce waste, helping your business become more efficient.

If you aren’t ready to upgrade to a building automation system, upgrading your thermostats is a helpful choice for energy savings. Programmable thermostats allow you to set temperature schedules to fit the occupancy of your building, so you’re not wasting energy when no one is there, nor when someone forgets to adjust the temperature before leaving. Smart thermostats take away even this minimal work, learning the habits of occupants and adjusting temperatures effortlessly.

Save energy to benefit the environment, the health of your workforce and customers, and lower your business’s operating expenses. our commercial air conditioner offers many opportunities for energy saving improvement! Since 1949, Estes has upheld a tradition of integrity and quality service. Estes Commercial will provide you with the services and equipment you need to hit your savings goals – contact us today to learn more.