Reduce Your Carbon Footprint AND Your HVAC Energy Bills

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint AND Your HVAC Energy Bills

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Embrace Building Automation in Your Business

Today’s businesses are bringing environmental responsibility to the forefront of operations, incorporating initiatives to make their products and services more environmentally friendly, and their operations and facilities as well. Utilizing a building automation HVAC system is an excellent step toward reducing energy use, producing many advantages for your company. Estes Commercial designs and installs building automation HVAC systems fit to tackle the comfort and energy consumption challenges your facility faces.

What Building Automation HVAC Systems Do

Building automation HVAC systems give business owners enhanced control over their facility’s heating and cooling energy use and consumption. Using a building automation HVAC system, you can:

  • Schedule the operation of heating and cooling equipment to realize energy savings. Temperature schedules are set based on occupancy and production needs, eliminating energy waste when the facility is not in use.
  • Remotely adjust heating and cooling system use while away from your building, and respond to changing needs without the need for someone to do so manually.
  • Receive alerts of issues developing within your heating and cooling equipment so you can schedule service right away, preventing potential breakdowns and costly disruptions to operations.
  • Monitor your facility’s energy consumption and gain valuable usage data to help you make informed decisions on energy use and energy efficiency upgrades throughout your facility.

Increase Control & Save Money with Building Automation HVAC

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, building automation HVAC systems can reduce your business’s heating and cooling bills by an average of 38 percent. Using building automation to control the operation of your commercial HVAC equipment saves energy through smart scheduling of usage, while controlling operational levels at the most energy efficient settings for your facility’s demands.

Lowering energy consumption reduces energy bills, directly affecting your facility’s operating costs. With heating and cooling energy use consuming a significant portion of a building’s energy use, improving savings in these areas will realize substantial savings for your business. Reduced energy bills and operations costs provide your business increased money to allocate where it can be used to further energy saving initiatives or accomplish other goals.

Building Automation HVAC Protects Equipment and Inventory

In addition to cost savings related to energy consumption, building automation HVAC systems help keep costs low related to heating and cooling equipment. Building automation HVAC systems protect your heating and cooling equipment by alerting facility managers to issues requiring service, repair and maintenance. What if you stock inventory susceptible to extreme temperatures? Automation would notify you if there was a sudden temperature change, alerting you before the integrity of the product was compromised.

This communication capability allows you to preemptively resolve problems before substantial damage is caused, lowering repair costs.  Building automation HVAC systems keep you informed when maintenance and filter changes are required, helping you best maintain your equipment to prevent damage caused by wear and tear. This advantage also helps achieve energy savings goals, as HVAC equipment poorly maintained or in disrepair consumes more energy than peak performing systems – when your system isn’t in top shape, energy consumption is higher than normal, and you’ll see it reflected in your energy costs.

Increase energy savings with the installation of a building automation HVAC system from Estes Commercial. Contact us now to discuss your business’s needs, and our building automation experts will design a customized solution to will help you achieve your energy efficiency goals.