Server Room Air Conditioners and Building Automation for Atlanta Businesses

Server Room Air Conditioners and Building Automation for Atlanta Businesses

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Server rooms produce lots of heat and have special requirements for server room air conditioners to prevent equipment overheating. Protect your equipment with a commercial HVAC contractor experienced in the installation of server room air conditioners.

In this blog we’ll review the unique needs of server rooms and how building automation systems help control energy expenses and prevent crises.

Server Room Air Conditioners Combat Excess Heat

Server rooms and the equipment within, experience significant strain with the demands of today’s technology. As they tackle faster speeds, overheating becomes a very real issue. Overheating contributes to reduced efficiency, system crashes, and worst of all, data loss.

It also leads to equipment outages, damage, and even failures. These situations trigger downtime and replacement needs.

Reduce overheating risks when you consider and install server room AC with the equipment’s special needs in mind.

A properly cooled server room removes excess heat from equipment and allows air to move freely. Server room air conditioners are important insurance for both your equipment as well as the processes they facilitate for your business.

Server Room Air Conditioners Offer Specialized Solutions

A business facility’s air conditioning system is usually inadequate for the additional demands of a server room. For a permanent solution for cooling needs Atlanta businesses need to install additional dedicated server room air conditioners.

In the event of cooling system failure, it’s a wise idea to have portable air conditioning units on standby. They deliver the cooling your equipment needs to prevent damage.

Do not rely on portable air conditioners as a permanent solution, but as backup protection.

Air conditioning in server rooms needs to remain between 64.4 and 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal server room performance and protection.

The air conditioning units aren’t the only component needed to create an optimal server room environment. There are numerous other strategies to build the best solution for your business’s needs.

Work with a server room air conditioning specialist who designs a cooling plan with these strategies in mind. Server room accessories to enhance air circulation include:

  • Blanking panels
  • Raised castors and baffles for equipment
  • Vents
  • Cable insulation

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Building Automation for Server Rooms

Too much heat and moisture in a server room spell damage for your equipment. If your server room air conditioning fails, conditions quickly get out of hand.

Building automation systems combined with server room air conditioning and environmental sensors provide an added layer of protection and control for your server equipment.

With a building automation system, access air conditioners for the server room remotely. Monitor conditions with sensor readings from afar for early detection of HVAC system outages and other potential problems. Sensors provide temperature and humidity levels within the server room. Both conditions, when extreme and unchecked, lead to serious equipment damage.

Conclusion: Estes Commercial Customizes Crucial Server Room Air Conditioner Solutions

Estes Commercial possesses the knowledge and experience needed to design high-functioning, efficient cooling systems with server room air conditioners. We put our expertise to work for your Atlanta, GA area business and deliver the HVAC and BAS (Building Automation System) solutions you need.

So contact us today for more information. Estes Commercial serves the greater Atlanta area including Buckhead, Decatur, Dunwoody, Kennesaw and Marietta.

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