Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairing

Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairing

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Business owners in Atlanta commonly wear many hats, from CEO to laborer and everything in between at times! While you focus on running a successful business, you may not be focused on the needs of your building, especially if you don’t have a maintenance background. Because a heating or cooling system failure has the power to shut down operations for many businesses, it’s best to know the signs your commercial HVAC system is in need of repairs.

In our most recent blog, the technicians at Estes Commercial share these signs so you know what to be on the lookout for as you multitask, day in and day out. If you notice these signs, don’t brush them off until later or ignore them altogether – contact Estes Commercial, and leave the repairs to our experts so you can get back to focusing on your area of expertise.

Top Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Repairs

There are numerous indications your commercial HVAC system needs repairing. Some give off only subtle signs that could easily be explained away while others are more obvious as they occur. Watch for these signs as you go about your daily tasks so you can stay on top of your building’s heating and cooling repair needs.

1. Sudden Increase in Energy Expenses

When day-to-day operations stay consistent, energy costs should, too. Sudden increases in energy expenses may be attributed to extreme weather or operational changes, but these sources of surprising energy bills should be easy to identify. When energy bills spike without a clear explanation, it’s likely the increase in energy consumption stems from an HVAC system issue. 

The average U.S. commercial building uses 15 percent of its electricity energy consumption toward cooling, 16 percent toward ventilation, and two percent toward space heating. When malfunctions in ventilation or cooling equipment cause the system to draw more energy as it operates, the increase on utility statements will be noticeable and significant. Don’t simply write it off and hope the bill goes down next month – call your technician to report these signs, and schedule a service appointment.

2. Odors from Ventilation System

When employees begin to complain about foul or musty odors that have mysteriously made their way into the building, these smells are often indications your commercial HVAC system needs repairing. Humidity and moisture issues caused by poor indoor air quality and building envelope issues can cause mold and mildew to develop inside the ducts and along the cooling coils. 

Don’t ignore these odors as they further worsen indoor air quality and can create productivity and health issues among your staff. Schedule professional duct cleaning and coil cleaning to rid the HVAC system of microbial growth. Talk to your HVAC team about installing UV air purifiers that will combat this growth from inside your HVAC system.

Your building occupants may also notice odors if the system’s air filters are dirty. Dirty filters can perpetuate odors throughout the facility, so be sure to check and change them regularly.

If you smell odors that are acrid or remind you of burnt metals, these smells can be signs of damage within the HVAC system. Melting wires, short circuiting, burned-out components, and other issues are all possible and should be repaired right away. Rotten egg odors are usually indicators of a gas leak – turn off the gas and evacuate the building. Do not return until you’re cleared to do so, and do not use the system until repairs have been made if gas heating equipment is at fault.

3. Temperature Control Issues

If temperatures are uneven throughout the building, there could be a stuck damper or thermostat issue impacting specific zones. Don’t ignore these signs your commercial heating and air conditioning system needs repairing, as employee comfort can be affected, impacting productivity. 

Short cycling, which is when commercial HVAC systems start a cycle and shut it down before proper time has passed, also causes temperature issues in a building. This issue can be due to airflow blockages, refrigerant leaks, dirty evaporator coils, or even improperly sized equipment. It’s best to take these signs your commercial HVAC system needs repairing to the pros so the source can be identified and corrected quickly.

Contact Estes for Commercial HVAC Repairs in Atlanta

Don’t ignore signs your commercial HVAC equipment needs repairing, as the wait could be costly in various ways. Call Estes Commercial today to request a service appointment for commercial HVAC repair.