Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

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A home’s electrical wiring lasts several decades with proper care. Because wiring can last 50 to 70 years or more, many homeowners will never have to have their home rewired. On the flip side, many homeowners do not know how long ago the home’s wiring was replaced, if ever. In our most recent blog, the electricians at Estes Services discuss signs your house needs rewiring so you know when to have this service completed.

6 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

Approximately 45,000 electrical fires occur in American homes each year, with half of them involving wiring or lighting. Avoid safety issues related to damaged or degraded wiring by watching for these common signs that your house needs rewiring and having this service performed by a licensed Atlanta electrician.

1. Your Wiring Hasn’t Been Replaced in Decades

Electrical wiring usually lasts several decades in a home but it does begin to break down or degrade with age. Modern power demands due to multiple electronic devices used in the home can overpower old wiring systems, causing damage and safety issues. If you do not know when your wiring was last replaced or it has been 40 to 50 years or more since the home was rewired, it’s time to look into this service.

2. Switches and Outlets Are Discolored, Sparking

When wiring deteriorates or connections loosen, electricity can escape the electrical system as sparks which singe electrical switches and outlets or cause them to warp. You may see black char marks on the switch or outlet cover, or the cover may be melted. Sparks represent a fire hazard and indicate the home may need to be rewired.

3. Flickering or Dimming Lights in the House

Flickering lights are signs your house needs rewiring in many cases. Flickers may be caused by loose light bulbs. But if flickering still occurs after you test the bulb’s connection, the cause is likely wiring issues. Flickering, as well as dimming, suggest varying voltage to the light, which may be due to loose or faulty wiring or damaged circuits.

4. Circuit Breakers Frequently Trip

Circuit breakers trip when electrical amps exceed the circuit’s maximum. Circuit breakers that repeatedly trip may be overloaded due to high electrical demands, shorts in the circuit, arcing, and other wiring problems. The circuit breaker may also be too old, as sensitivity rises with age causing the breaker to be more prone to unnecessary tripping. 

5. Burning Odor in the Home

If there is a burning smell inside the home that has no identifiable source, it may be originating from a hidden wiring issue, such as a short. Burning odors are signs your house needs rewiring, and you should contact an electrician immediately to eliminate fire risks.

6. Many Extension Cords Are in Use

Modern households use more electrical appliances and devices than families of decades past. If your home was built several decades ago, the wiring system was not designed for so many devices and appliances to be used at once. Using extension cords and outlet splitters because your home does not have enough outlets for your devices are signs your house needs rewiring.

House Rewiring in Atlanta

If you are an Atlanta area homeowner and notice signs that your house needs rewiring, address this electrical issue now to avoid further damage and growing risks of electrical fires and electric shocks. Call Estes Services to have our licensed Georgia electricians inspect your home and provide an estimate for rewiring.