Spring Rains Bring Flooded Drains

Spring Rains Bring Flooded Drains

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Rainy weather is common in the spring, and excessive rainstorms can bring about several problems for homeowners. Heavy rainfall can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, resulting in unexpected and expensive repairs. Even if you think your drains and pipes are in great condition, you can still experience plumbing problems outside your home. Sudden downpours can be too much for your sewer system to handle and back up onto your property. Estes Services understands the importance of drain flood preparation and want you to know what to look for when the rain hits hard.

Broken Pipes

The ground around your home can become soft due to excessive, heavy rain, causing your underground pipes to shift. The extra pressure involved from the pipes moving around and the additional weight from rushing water can cause your pipes to rupture. You can avoid broken pipes by calling Estes Services for plumbing services. We will inspect your outside pipes and replace old or damaged pipes before they turn into broken pipes (and big headaches)in the future.

Blocked Drains

Excess debris collects in your gutters during heavy rain, causing blockages to occur within your drain pipes. Cleaning your gutters regularly will remove debris before and after rain hits reducing the risk of blocked drains in your home. If possible, pay close attention to your gutters during heavy rainstorms and watch for standing water around your drains. If you think a drain is blocked, call Estes Services and schedule drain cleaning to clear the obstruction. You’ll be glad you did!

Drain Flooding

Drain floods cause excessive damage to your home and require expensive repairs. Drain flooding is caused by an inadequate drainage system around your home, especially for homes nestled in a floodplain. There are a few ways to prevent drain flooding in your home, such as:

  • Installing a sump pump to remove excess water near your foundation
  • Position downspouts a safe distance from your home or bury runoff tubing
  • Double check the water flow of your downspouts and
  • Remove debris from your gutters, which reduces overflow during a rainstorm.

Septic Tank Flooding

Heavy rain can cause flooding issues for homes with septic systems. The septic tank can flood, causing the saturated soil to increase the pressure on the tank. Wastewater has nowhere to go except back through the pipes and into the tank when the drain field floods. Contact Estes Services if your septic system floods during heavy rain. Fixing the problem before the next rain will keep your home dry while the storm rages outside. It’s more cozy to cuddle up enjoying a movie during thunderstorms than sorting through waterlogged possessions, after all.

When unexpected plumbing emergencies occur after heavy rainstorms, trust the local plumbing services of Estes Services. We perform drain cleaning, repair services for sewer lines and drain flooding. Call Estes Services today to avoid a plumbing emergency during a rainstorm. Since 1949, Estes Services has carried on a tradition of integrity and quality service.